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What is the Blue Light in Call of Duty Blackout Battle Royale?

Head towards the light for powerful loot.

by William Schwartz


Have you seen the blue light in Blackout Battle Royale? If you’ve got the basics down in the new Call of Duty game mode it may be time to start branching out and trying to get some even better gear by fighting zombies.

The bright beam of light on the Blackout Map indicates the location where zombies are spawning. If you head to the blue light in Blackout Battle Royale, you’ll find a horde of zombies waiting for you. The good news is that these zombies will drop gear when killed, but if a zombie installation is cleared you’ll get a Zombies Supply Cache as well. This cache looks like the wooden mystery box.

So far, players have uncovered some pretty powerful gear in these Zombie caches, this includes Wonder Weapons from the popular cooperative mode, the Ray Gun, things like Monkey Bombs, or others.

Heading to the blue light beam in Blackout Battle Royale is a solid strategy for high-end gear, but be on the lookout, other players will be there fighting for that gear as well. You very may well run into a player vs. player vs. enemy situation.

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