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Black Ops 4 How to Unlock Mason in Blackout

The numbers, Mason.

by William Schwartz


In Call of Duty’s new Blackout Mode there are characters that you can use in the game that must be unlocked by completing in-game challenges.  These challenges usually include finding an item, and then meeting certain requirements in the game.  That might be getting kills with a certain weapon, finishing at a certain rank, or others.  To unlock Mason in Blackout you’ll need to find the Stained White T-Shirt item, activate the Sleeper Agent at the Array, and then make to the Top 15 players for Solo (Top 8 in Duo, Top 4 in Squads).  At the end of the match you’ll need to have the item in your inventory.

Grab the Stained White T-Shirt in Supply Cache

To get the Stained White T-Shirt you’ll need to get a little bit lucky as the item is only found in Supply Stash.  The big boxes that usually contain good weapons and equipment will have the White T-Shirt in it if you’re lucky.  Once you’ve got the White T-Shirt you’re also going to need to head to the Array location and then head to the big center Radio Tower in the middle of the area.  The best way to head in is from the bottom garage.  Simply open the garage door and head up the stairs to the control room.

Activate the Terminal in the Array

Once in the control room you’ll see one of the computers has a green light on it.  You’ll want to walk up to that terminal and press the X/A button to activate the second part of this process.  You’ll know that you’ve done it because you’ll start seeing numbers flashing on the screen.  This is the same place that you will activate the Emergency Radio Broadcast, but instead of actually playing an alarm sound it will wake the Sleeper Agent, which is Mason.

Finish in Top 15 Solo (Top 8 Duos, Top 4 Squads)

The last part should be pretty easy.  Stay out of sight and try not to give away your position to any enemies and make it to the top 15 players if you’re playing Solo. If you’re in Squads or Duos, things are a little bit more difficult as you’ll need to make to the top 8 in Duos and Top 4 in Squads.

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