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Black Ops 4 How to Unlock Nomad in Blackout

Find the literal dog's tags.

by William Schwartz


Nomad is one of the ten Specialist characters that you can unlock in Blackout.  While Nomad is an Ambush character in multiplayer, his skin is purely cosmetic in Blackout so you won’t get his Mesh Mines or Attack Dog in this game mode.  If you want to unlock Nomad, you’re going to need to complete his specific character mission which has you tracking down his unique mission item and completing a challenge in the mode.  To unlock Nomad in Blackout you’ll need to find Juneau’s Tags and then kill two other players without taking any damage from them.  This guide will explain how to find Juneau’s Tags and unlock Nomad in Blackout.

How to find Juneau’s Tags in Blackout


Juneau’s Tags can only be found in Supply Stashes in Blackout.  These stashes are found all over the map and will contain powerful weapons, armor, and gear for you to use.  Juneau’s Tags spawn seems to be random, but you’ll need to be looking in the right places if you want to find these stashes.  The image above shows one example of what a Supply Stash will look like in Blackout.  When you see one of these boxes you’ll simply walk up to it and open to see what is inside.  Juneau’s Tags will not be in every Supply Stash.  There are other character unlock items that could be in there, or there could be no challenge items at all.

Get Juneau’s Tags, Kill 2 Enemies Without Taking Damage From Them

Once you’ve got Juneau’s Tags, you’re going to need to do a little killing to complete this challenge.  Hopefully, the Supply Stash that you found also had some decent weapons in there as you’re going to need to kill to enemies without taking any damage from them in the process. This is definitely easier said than done, but you can try to get these two kills by sneaking up on unsuspecting players.  If you can get a side angle or attack from behind, you’ll have a much higher chance of getting the kills without taking any damage.

There aren’t any placement requirements to unlock Nomad.  Once you’ve completed the two objectives above you will unlock him after the match is complete and you’ll be able to use the Nomad skin in Blackout.

- This article was updated on:December 1st, 2018

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