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Black Ops 4 How to Unlock Takeo in Blackout

Resist the urge to use your equipment.

by William Schwartz


Of the Zombies characters in Blackout, Takeo might be one of the easiest ones to target when doing challenges. Like other Blackout Character unlocks, you will need to find a character exclusive item on the map.  The item that you are looking for in order to unlock Takeo is the Letter to the Emperor.  Alongside this item you will also need to meet two other requirements.  The first is that you don’t use any equipment during the match.  The second is that you place in the Top 15.  With this guide to Unlocking Takeo we’ll show you the exact spawn locations where you can find the letter that you need to complete the challenge.

Where to Find Letter to the Emperor in Blackout


The Letter to the Emperor can be found in at the Lighthouse.  In the Asylum.  It can also be found in the Boxing Gym.  The image above shows the exact spots where the Letter can be found, but it’s actually a little bit more complicated than just going there and picking up the letter.  You will need to interact with the typewriter on the desks shown above to actually make the letter spawn so that you can put it in your inventory.  Once you’ve got the letter, you’ll need to make sure that you meet the final two requirements to unlock Takeo.

Find the Letter, Don’t Use Equipment, and Place in Top 15

After you’ve found the letter you want to make sure that you don’t use any equipment during the rest of the Blackout match.  As is the standard when trying to unlock characters in Blackout, you’re going to want to try and play it safe once you’ve gotten the item.  Find a nice cozy bush that you can hide in until you’ve met the ranking requirements.  Finishing in the Top 15 isn’t actually the hardest part of unlocking Takeo.  If you’re playing Squads or Duos, the rank requirements are a little different as well.  For Duos you will need to place in the Top 8.  For Squads you will need to place in the Top 3.

Despite there being multiple locations of the letter, you’ll still find that there are others looking to do the same and you’ll find the locations above will usually have people fighting for the letter as it can also be used to unlock Richtofen by sacrificing it to the Blood Fountain at Asylum.

- This article was updated on:November 29th, 2018

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