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Borderlands 3 How to Claim Pre-Order Bonus Items

Check your mail and claim your rewards.

by William Schwartz


Borderlands 3 has a ton of different pre-order bonuses available.  These rewards will help early adopters get a leg up at the beginning of the game, assuming they can figure out how to redeem the pre-order bonuses.

Borderlands 3 features a mail system that can only be accessed while in-game.  While there is an option to access mail on the main menu home screen for the game, you can’t actually see your mail items from there.  You’ll need to start your game and be playing then pause it and head into the Social menu to find your mail.  Once you in your mail you will be able to see any of the pre-order or edition bonuses that you have.

You’ll need to go through each item and claim it individually.  If you have enough space in your inventory you will be able to claim the pre-order bonus items without issue from the mail menu.  If not, you will need to clear some space and go back to the mail menu to get your pre-order bonus items.

This mail area in the menus will also be where you can claim your VIP items, and collect things like Golden Keys.

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