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Bravely Default 2: Gold in the Grass Side Quest Guide

Assist an old man with finding his gilded chompers.

by Brandon Adams


There’s nothing quite like manual labor, which is what the Gold in the Grass side quest in Bravely Default 2 is all about. An elderly gentleman in Halcyonia sneezed so hard during his last stroll that he ejected his golden dentures into the grass, and now he needs you to find them. You are the Hero of Light after all; AKA the Errand Boy Supreme!

Bravely Default 2 Gold in the Grass Walkthrough.

To grab Gold in the Grass you first need to reach Chapter 1 in Bravely Default, which occurs after your journey through the Vale of Sighs and upon reaching Savalon. Use the Wagon in the desert town to fast travel back to Halcyonia, where you’ll find the old man on the bridge that leads into town proper.

Speak with him to start Gold in the Grass, which is a 2-star difficulty quest that rewards 1300 pg. Not a bad sum of coin for finding some lousy dentures. As the title implies, these biters are hidden in the tall grass outside Halcyonia, so venture back outside to start mowing the lawn.


Thankfully, the old man’s dentures are in a rather specific spot, so you won’t have to go about cutting grass at random until you find them. Head along the road until the fork, then head into the wilds between the two paths up into the cliffs boarding the river and coast. The glittering teeth are in a patch of grass at the far end of this area.

At your current level everything should run away from you in terror, and they’re frankly not worth the experience or JP to farm. Just make your way up and to the marked plot of grass. There’s a chest here as well with a Tent within, so loot it for the goods. Then swipe with your sword (Y button) at the indicated plot of grass to grab the golden teeth.

All you have to do now is return to the old man in Halcyonia for your reward. Who said manual labor wasn’t rewarding?

- This article was updated on:March 1st, 2021

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