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Bravely Default 2: How to Get JP Fast

Level up all of your Jobs fast, by following some small guidelines.

by Victor Vellas


The highly anticipated RPG is finally here and Bravely Default 2 brought along all the nostalgia of the past with it. Its predecessors already set the pace for a spectacular grand adventure, with fascinating places to find, unique creatures to fight, and of course, a plethora of Jobs to unlock. The Job system the franchise is famous about, of course makes its return, with old and new Jobs to find respectively. As there a lot of them, of course some fans out there would love to see how they can level them all up as fast as possible, maximizing their JP income. If that is the case and you are one of those impatient souls, we’ve got you covered.

How to get JP fast

First things first, what JP stands for? That would be Job Points, which are essentially the game’s greatest resource, as you need to them to max out every Job you own. You receive JP from battles of course, with the process getting significantly slower as you level up higher. That said, there are ways of increasing that amount in a number ways.

Learn the ‘JP Up’ and ‘JP Up and Up’ability

We mentioned this method in the past, in our guide here, as it was something you could take advantage of even in the Demo version of Bravely Default 2. Freelancer’s level 9 ability let’s you multiply your earning from battles, by 1.2x. Just by having this ability equipped to a party member, your JP earnings are boosted. That said, at level 12 you unlock the JP Up and Up ability, which adds another 1.5x to that 1.2x, making a total of 1.7x boost! This is a significant increase, so make sure to level up your Freelancer Job.

Underdog Bonus

When you fight higher level enemies, you receive the Underdog boost. By having it, you receive an increased amount of points. Both your character and Job level are accounted to this, so even if your character is level 40 against an enemy level 30, but your Job level is 5, you still do receive the bonus. This is great as you can easily get even more JP by fighting stronger opponents.

Battle Chains

If you end up pulling a couple of mobs in the Overworld in one single battle, while you will face multiple waves back to back, you will also receive a boosted amount of JP. Try to to pull them on purpose to increase your gains.

JP Orbs

JP Orbs are items that can be obtained through many ways. Chests, side quests and most importantly, Expeditions. These handy items instantly provide JP points when used and they are an excellent way of farming JP without even spending time battling.

There you go, four simple ways of increasing your JP income really fast. There is a lot of grinding that can be done in Bravely Default 2, so plan ahead and it will become a less troublesome activity.

Bravely default 2 is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on:February 28th, 2021

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