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Bravely Default 2: How to Increase Max Job Level

Unleash each Job's true potential.

by Victor Vellas


Every Job in Bravely Default 2 can reach up to level 12, with each level providing a brand new ability, passive or active. Right when you reach that level, a ‘Mastered’ indication can be found on top of that Job, showing that you now have it at its max potential. And that would be true, if you didn’t have the option to actually raise that level, to 15. That said, get ready for some spoilers following below, so read at your own discretion.

How to increase a Job’s level cap

First of all, if you haven’t reached Chapter 6 yet, you have nothing to worry about as you can’t increase that level cap further, before getting to that point. You can only get into that Chapter if you are trying to get the game’s true ending, which you can read all about it right here in our guide.

The moment you trigger the continuation of the game’s default ending, you get a pop up window mentioning that you can now increase your Jobs above their already max level, up to 15, but in order to be able to, you first need to clear the respective Trials of each Job. Your Freelancer Job is automatically able to reach level 15, but the rest need those requirements first. These Trials can be accessed through seven Gates spread around the game’s Overworld. After you enter inside any of those Gates, the Spirits of previous Asterisk holders are waiting to challenge you in battle. This time around, not only all of them are way stronger than before, but can also be found in new, original teams amongst them.

Gate 1


Found West of Halcyonia, over to Holograd’s side. You can go there either by running all over to the right from Holograd , or simply go to Halcyonia and exit through the mountain path at the left side of the city.

Bosses found inside:

  • Sir Sloan: Bravebearer Asterisk
  • Lady Emma: Black Mage Asterisk
  • Lonsdale: Bastion Asterisk

Gate 2


Gate 2 is located at the far right of Halcyonia, right before the Vale of Sighs area.

Bosses found inside:

  • Orpheus: Bard Asterisk
  • Anihal: Beastmaster Asterisk
  • Bernard: Thief Asterisk
  • Shirley: Gambler Asterisk

Gate 3


Found northeast of Savalon, at the very end of the map.

Bosses found inside:

  • Glenn: Salve-Maker Asterisk
  • Galahad: Shieldmaster Asterisk
  • Gladys: Swordmaster Asterisk

Gate 4


Again, if you head northeast from Wiswald, you will be able to notice the Gate behind the trees.

Bosses found inside:

  • Helio: Spiritmaster Asterisk
  • Domenic: Oracle Asterisk
  • Martha: Dragoon Asterisk

Gate 5


Head northeast from Rimedhal or Enderno, and Gate 5 is visible at the very end of the snowy ground.

Bosses found inside:

  • Folie: Pictomancer Asterisk
  • Prince Castor: Berserker Asterisk
  • Vigintio: Arcanist Asterisk

Gate 6


Exit Rimedhal and go the northwest side of it, at the top of the map.

Bosses found inside:

  • Marla: Phantom Asterisk
  • Adam: Hellblade Asterisk
  • Horten: Monk Asterisk

Gate 7


Found northwest of Holograd, right at the opposite side of the city.

Bosses found inside:

  • Selene: White Mage Asterisk
  • Dag: Vanguard Asterisk
  • Lily: Ranger Asterisk
  • Roddy: Red Mage Asterisk

This concludes the location of each Gate and their Trials. Whenever you beat any of them, their respective level caps are removed, being able to increase them further to your liking. Every ability that is claimed above level 12 is really strong, usually enabling some new ways of using certain Jobs. Please note that every Trial is really challenging, with each team inside needing quite some planning ahead to beat. Additionally, every fight is repeatable in order to be able to farm their weapons, as well as with Giant JP Orbs in the process, making it a good way of leveling up your already capped jobs to their new max level. The rewards as you can see are more than worth it, so happy farming.

Bravely default 2 is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.


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