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Bravely Default 2: How to Unlock Gambler Job

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by Victor Vellas


While gambling in real life is not a rather healthy occupation, Bravely Default 2 ensures that this won’t be the case with its unique Gambler Job that is introduced in the game. Gambler is actually the first optional Job of this new entry, which you can completely skip it if you want, and reach the end of the game either way. Below, you will find how to unlock this peculiar class.

How to get the Gambler Asterisk

After you beat Anihal, the owner of the Beastmaster Asterisk and second Boss of Chapter 1, your chance to grab the Gambler Job opens up. All you have to do to trigger this opportunity, is to visit the gambling hall in Savalon. The building where Bernard the Thief resides in, at the far right of the town.

Look for an NPC named Shirley (you can hardly miss her, considering her ‘interesting’ outfit) and interact with her. This is where the Bind and Divide mini-game is unlocked, and similarly to Final Fantasy entries of the past, like FFIX, it is something entirely optional but a nice diversion from the main story. After defeating Shirley in a tutorial match, you need to find Orpheus within the hall, sitting at the northeast corner. Grab his card and start fighting against other players inside the hall.

After battling it out with all of them, it’s time to challenge Shirley again. Right when you reach this moment, BEFORE fighting Shirley again, SAVE YOUR GAME. This is of utmost importance, as losing to her means a game over, and you will need to reload any previous save file. If however, you manage to defeat her, it is time for a Boss battle.

The Shirley fight is not a tough one at its core. However, as her Job implies, there are a lot of random factors that take place in the battle, so you need to be cautious. In case you win this one as well, you are now a proud owner of the Gambler Asterisk. I personally don’t enjoy classes and Jobs that rely on RNG, so Gambler is not something I messed around with a lot, but for those of you that are willing to give the specific Job a chance, rest assured it is actually a very strong one, both offensively and defensively, if used correctly. Best of luck getting it, you will need it.

Bravely default 2 is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.


- This article was updated on:February 28th, 2021

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