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Bravely Default 2: How to Unlock Phantom Job

If you like the assassin archetype, Phantom is the Job for you.

by Victor Vellas


In case you already liked the Thief Job in Bravely Default 2, you are going to love its cousin, the Phantom. Both being assassin-like Jobs, the Phantom is more on the offensive side than Thief’s tricks and Steals, but if paired together, they are an extremely good combo. This Asterisk is found quite late into the game though, which may take a while before you experience their true combined prowess.

How to get the Phantom Asterisk

In Chapter 4, you have three routes to choose from, that you can complete in any order you like. One of these routes, leads to Savalon where Marla, the Phantom Asterisk holder is located. While Lonsdale lead his army to Halcyonia from the front door, Marla decided to silently infiltrate Savalon from the inside. After you get into the desert city, you need to speak with Prince Pollux as there is something weird going on. I won’t get into any details to avoid any spoilers, but you end up asking random elders and citizens for clues. Some events takes place at that moment, and before you know it you realize that Marla is behind everything.

After you fight her once, she escapes half-way through the battle, leaving you with a dropped necklace. This leads to looking for some more clues, which you need to present to Prince Pollux and his council, in the palace. This whole investigation is done in order to find out the culprit of a specific murder, and in the end you need to reply accordingly based on the evidence you found. To save you some time, here are the answers you need to give to the council, in order to proceed any further:

  1. Against joining the Holograder Empire.
  2. Only the Council knew.
  3. A necklace.
  4. Cygnus.


As you would have guessed by now, Marla is disguised as Lady Cygnus, for her scheme to go unnoticeable. For her bad luck though, we found out it’s her and the real battle with her commences.

By knocking her out, you now gain access to the Phantom Job and all of its awesomeness. Phantoms go hand in hand with Thieves, complementing each other astonishingly well, but you can try out some other interesting combos too. Phantom’s Speciality II let them have a 100% success ratio to any skills that have chances to hit, like Black Mage’s Poison, and if you combine that with their Rewarding Results passive, you can instantly get another turn. There are of course dozens of other ways you can take advantage of their kit, not to even mention the access to the Dual Wield passive, so feel free to experiment and head on to your next target.

Bravely default 2 is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.


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