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Bravely Default 2: Rich Pickings Side Quest Guide

Help a man find valuables to fund his son's medical needs.

by Brandon Adams


Rich Pickings in Bravely Default 2 features your first optional dungeon, and you’ll unlock it after clearing the final battle in Chapter 1. This side quest also features the return of Dag and Selene, the dubious mercenary duo from the start of the game.

Bravely Default 2 Rich Pickings Walkthrough

Rich Pickings in Bravely Default 2 is a 5-star difficulty side quest, and you’ll earn 5x Small JP Orb for completing it. Head to Savalon and enter the Gaming Hall on the right of the map, then speak with the man on the left.

A cutscene will play, where he’ll tell you of an abandoned mansion filled with valuable treasure he could use to pay for his son’s medical expenses, but it’s filled with deadly monsters.

You’re not the only group he has told, however. The two mercenaries from the Prologue in Bravely Default 2 are also in pursuit of the treasures within the mansion, so you’ll have to beat them to the goods.

Once you have Rich Pickings head outside Savalon and venture to the northeastern portion of the map. If you face your camera north you’ll head up and right, around the oasis towards some cliffs. You should see the Abandoned Mansion in the upper-right of the minimap.


Abandoned Mansion

Enter and walk a way in to trigger a cutscene. Once it ends you’ll be free to explore the mansion for the treasure. There are a few actual chests to loot here, and there are plenty of monsters. Skip the monster and chest sections below if you want to simply get on with Rich Pickings in Bravely Default 2 (though the path the chests follow does lead you through the quest as well).


  • Lost Mageling (Humanoid): weak to Lightning, Light, and Daggers. Takes half damage from Darkness.
  • Electrica Element (Spirit): weak to Earth and Staves. Immune to Wind, and absorbs Lightning.
  • Razor Vesp (Insect): weak to Wind and Bows.
  • Cait Sith (Spirit): weak to Fire, Light, and Bows.
  • Vishno (Demon): weak to Earth, Swords, and Spears. Takes half damage from Fire, Water, and Lightning. Immune to Light.


  • There aren’t any chests in the first area of the Abandoned Mansion, but if you head left or right of the stairs you’ll find doorways that lead to a new area of the dungeon. The first chest is in the large room in the center, on the right side behind a pillar and a stack of debris. One Electrica Element will appear from the chest, and you’ll grab Lü Bu’s Spear after defeating it.
  • The second chest isn’t far from the first. Head up from the room and go left. The path down is blocked, so go up, then down, then right, then down again to reach the chest. A Cait Sith will pop out, and defeating it will net you 4x Remedy.
  • There are three chests on the very upper floor, so return to the foyer and take the stairs to the tippy top (the center path progresses Rich Pickings). Once up top you can reach the third chest by going right, then up (Star Corslet).
  • You can’t reach the other two chests on this floor from here, but they will become accessible later in the dungeon via a staircase on the central floor, in the top left.
  • Once on the central floor head left and pick your way around the fallen furniture until you can enter the darkened room on the far left. A Cait Sith and Electrica Element will pop out of the forth chest here, and slaying them will net you a Staff of Life.
  • Go up the stairs at the top-left of this room to reach the next two chests, and a Dungeon Portal. Go down and around the clutter to reach the fifth chest (Mythril Shield).
  • Head back towards the portal, then down working your way to the left. Shimmy through the debris to reach the sixth chest (950 pg).
  • Follow the path to the top-right stairs and head down. Once on the next floor head left then down (up progresses Rich Pickings). Loot the sixth and last chest (3x Hi-Potion).

To continue Rich Pickings head up the stairs in the Foyer and into the central door on the middle floor. There are technically two chests on this middle floor, but one can’t be reached till later in the dungeon (like the two upstairs).

A chest not tied to the actual chest count will be marked for the quest. To reach the quest chest head left and around, picking your way through all the discarded furniture.

Looting the chest will trigger a cutscene, where it appears no one, including Dag and Selene, can find any treasure. Turns out either someone beat everyone to the punch, or something more nefarious is hoarding the goods.

Go up the stairs and work your way across the top floor while heading right and up. You’ll eventually reach another set of stairs leading back down. Once you load into the next floor head left and up into the top room and down another staircase.

There’s a save point here, so pop a tent and save your progress prior to entering the room and facing your next boss battle in Bravely Default 2.



  • Amphora (Spirit): 19448 Health, and is weak to Axes. Immune to Water, Earth, and Wind. Absorbs Lightning.
  • The Amphora is a genie-type being, and will use heavy hitting attacks and magic to take out your team.
    • Big Blow will strike a single party member for 1200+ Physical Damage.
    • Earthpound will hit a single party member for 700+ Earth Physical Damage.
    • Supercharge boosts its Magic Attack by 100%.
    • Casts Thundara on the entire group for 200+ Lightning Magic Damage
  • If the Amphora enters its “lamp” it’s about to attack four times in a row.
    • Default to survive the assault.

After you best the Amphora a cutscene will play, in which the team will realize the value of the vase they just smashed. Once it ends use the conveniently placed door in the rear to leave the Abandoned Mansion and return to town.

When you arrive back in Savalon go to the Gaming Hall and report back to the man, who will be dismayed to hear you had to smash the vase since there was a monster in it and all.

You’ll learn the other duo (Selene and Dag) gave the man a necklace to help the man pay for his son’s medical expenses. Turns out Dag has a bit of a heart after all. You’ll get your reward of five Small JP Orbs and Rich Pickings in Bravely Default 2 will come to a close.

Bravely Default 2 is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

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