Brawlhalla x Tekken Collab: All Crossover Skins, Characters, and Rewards

Check out everything the Tekken collab brought to Brawlhalla.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: Blue Mammoth Games

The Brawlhalla x Tekken Collab is live, bringing new characters, as well as a wide array of new and exclusive items to the game. Here’s everything the Tekken Collab brought to Brawlhalla.

All Brawlhalla x Tekken Characters and How to Get Them

As part of the collab, Tekken fan favorites Devil Jin, Nina Williams, and Yoshimitsu arrived in Brawlhalla. While Devil Jin will work as a skin for Zariel, Nina will mimic Lucien, and Yoshimitsu, Jiro. Devil Jin, Nina, and Yoshimitsu can each be acquired by exchanging 300 Mammoth Coins at the game’s shop.

  • Brawlhalla-x-Tekken-Devil-Jin
  • Brawlhalla-x-Tekken-Nina
  • Brawlhalla-x-Tekken-Yoshimitsu

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All Brawlhalla x Tekken Crossover Items and How to Get Them

The Tekken crossover also brought to Brawlhalla a total of six themed avatars (Arcade Buttons, Mokujin, King, Jin Kazama’s Fist, Kazuya Mishima, and Heihachi Mishima), as well as the new Tekken Arcade Cabinet Emote and the new Panda Slam Knockout Effect.

The Emote and the Knockout Effect can be purchased by expending 120 and 240 Mammoth Coins respectively. The avatars will cost either 30 or 60 Mammoth Coins, depending on their effects. You can check out the visual of all mentioned items below:

  • Tekken-Arcade-Cabinet-Emote
  • Panda-Slam-Knockout-Effect
  • Brawlhalla-Tekken-avatars

Five new Tekken-themed emoji skins —featuring Kazuya, Heihachi, Kuma, Xiaoyu, and King— also debuted with the Brawlhalla x Tekken Collab. The emoji skins cost 20 Mammoth Coins each. You can check out the visual of all the Tekken emoji skins below:

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

How to Get Mammoth Coins in Brawlhalla

You can only get Mammoth Coins in Brawlhalla by purchasing them in the game’s store. The coins can be bought in packs of 160, 340, 540, 1,000, and 1,600. The coin packs will cost $5.99, $12.99, $19.99, $34,99, and $49.99 respectively.

As a silver lining for free-to-play players, during the Brawlhalla x Tekken Collab, you will be able to get the exclusive 1st Dan Title by simply logging in.

This guide was made while playing Brawlhalla on PC.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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