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Call of Duty Blackout How to Level Up/Rank Up Fast

Stay alive the longest for the most Merits.

by William Schwartz


Call of Duty Blackout has its own levels and ranks in the Battle Royale mode that uses a unique scoring system depending on how you perform in the match.  The level system in Blackout are called Echelons and to reach a new echelon “rank up or level up” you’ll need to earn Merits.

You get these Merits by doing things in a Blackout Match.  Getting kills earns you 10 Merits per kill.  Placing in the top-15 will get you 50 Merits.  Winning the game and being the last person/square standing and you’ll get 100 Merits + the 50 Merits for placing in the top-15.

The fastest way to level up in Blackout is by doing all three things.  Winning matches and killing players in the process.  There is also one other way to earn Merits in Blackout to help you rank up fast and that’s by completing challenges in the game.  These challenges are much like those found in multiplayer which has you doing certain things in the game depending on the challenge.  Challenges will offer more Merits the more difficult they are.  For example, winning a game without being downed five times will earn you 25 Merits.  While Getting five wins in Solo mode will get you 100 Merits.

These Challenges can be found in the career section of Blackout Mode.  To get there, just back out to the main menu for Blackout and press the Options button PS4 or Menu button Xbox to look at the different challenges and tiers.  There are 12 professional challenges with multiple tiers for each.  Completing them all will get 100% Professional Mastery.  There are also 12 Survivalist Challenges with multiple tiers that can be completed for Survivalist Mastery.  There are 12 Heroics and 12 Vehicular Challenges under the Operations Challenge menu as well.  There are also different Dark Ops challenges that only reveal themselves as you earn them.

Each level/echelon in Blackout will require that you earn a certain number of Merits.  For example, to rank up from level 13 to 14 requires 420 Merits.

So what’s the point of leveling up and why would you want to do that and do it fast?  Well, there are some unique character skins that you can unlock that are tied to certain echelon levels in the game.  The Ranger can be unlocked first at Echelon Level 20, the Frogman unlocks at Level 40, the Airborne skin unlocks at 60, the Seal unlocks at echelon level 80, and the Battle Hardened skin unlocks after you reach level 80 after prestige.

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