Call of Duty Warzone: Nakatomi Tower Side Missions Guide

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The ’80s Action Heroes event is finally here in Call of Duty: Warzone, and one of the new challenges requires you to complete any one of the three side missions at Nakatomi Tower. The building in question is the setting of the movie Die Hard, and there are three new Die Hard themed missions available to take on at the new location on the map. Here’s how to complete one of the three side missions at Nakatomi Tower.

How to Complete Side Missions at Nakatomi Tower in Warzone

There are three side missions at Nakatomi Tower. The first is the Arms Deal public event, the second is Disarm the C4, and the third is the Unfinished Business contract. You only need to complete one of these to finish this challenge. The first two take place inside the Nakatomi building itself, while the third can be picked up in the areas surrounding the building. Here’s a breakdown of each side mission and how to complete them.


Arms Deal Public Event

The Arms Deal public event can be started in the Nakatomi Plaza parking garage. Head into the lower levels of the building and find a large white truck with a yellow light in the back to start this mission. This event spawns a large group of AI enemies on the ground floor of Nakatomi Plaza. To complete this side mission, all you have to do is eliminate all of the enemies. This public event is also involved in another ’80s Action Heroes challenge, and completing it will get you a Vault Keycard to open the vault on the 31st floor of the building.


Disarm the C4

Disarm the C4 is an event that occurs automatically when dropping onto the roof of Nakatomi Plaza. When it begins, a notification will flash on your screen informing you of hostile fire, then telling you to disarm the C4. There are four C4 charges planted in the building, and they’re all on the roof and upper floors. They have objective markers that point you toward them, but those don’t always show up for some reason. To complete this side mission, all you have to do is successfully disarm all four C4 charges. Finishing this mission will get you a Vault Keycard to open the Nakatomi vault.


Unfinished Business Contract

The Unfinished Business contract is the most reliable side mission to complete at Nakatomi Tower, but it’s also the hardest to get. There are three Unfinished Business contracts in the area surrounding Nakatomi Plaza. They’re marked on the map will yellow icons. Only one player can pick up these contracts, so only three people have a shot at completing them per round. If you do manage to get your hands on one, then it’s just a standard scavenger contract. To complete this side mission, all you have to do is successfully find all three crates. Like the other side missions, this one also gives you a Vault Keycard.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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