Can You Do the Fortnite Car Emote Glitch? Explained

Can cars emote in Fortnite?

by Davi Braid

A video by tetto_g, showing cars emoting in Fortnite, has piqued the interest of many. How does one do the Fornite Cars Emote? Is it even possible at all, or just a sneaky ruse?

We examined this intriguing case and discovered some interesting things about the Fortnite dancing cars and how tetto_g made it happen.

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Sadly, Fortnite Rocket Racing doesn’t have a feature that lets your car emote. In fact, there isn’t even a leak so far that points to this possibility. Since this is not something the community was able to replicate, chances are the video was just a well-edited joke.

Image: tetto_g

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If you closely watch the video, you’ll notice that the shadows vary with each emote and the car model appears distorted and lacks details. Before it starts moving, the car’s headlights have a paw-looking shape on them and the tires have a very noticeable texture. All that goes away as soon as the car starts moving.

Image: tetto_g

Kudos to tetto_g or the video editor, as they’ve made it seem like such a thing is possible. It’s quite convincing at first glance, but considering that there’s a transition frame where you can see both car models, the fact that the model that is dancing looks slightly off, and the fact that the shadows don’t seem to match the game’s aesthetics, it’s quite obvious that this video is a fake.

As of now, when you use an Emote in Fortnite, it’s your character that dances, not the car. That said, we don’t know what Epic might be cooking behind the scenes. We were all surprised by how fun Rocket Racing is and how much depth can be found in Lego Fortnite, so who knows. Maybe they do want to let us have dancing cars, but we’ll have to wait and see.

- This article was updated on January 3rd, 2024

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