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Can You Play Deathloop Offline?

Planning on playing Deathloop offline?

by Gordon Bicker


Deathloop has made its mark on the gaming community with diverse gameplay, meticulously crafted level design, and one-of-a-kind time loops for players to revel within the electrifying combat among so much more. Needless to say, you will be wanting to jump into the experience as soon as possible to begin your great journey through Blackreef. With the rise of games making players be online to play through even the single-player stories, you may be wondering if Deathloop can be played offline.

Deathloop Can Be Played Offline

Players can indeed play Deathloop offline and in a tweet back in May earlier this year, the director of the game confirmed this by saying:

“Hello, now that the previews are dropping and we mentioned it in some interviews, I can answer: you can play the game even when you are offline :)”

However, the assassin will be controlled by A.I. instead of an online player, which can have both its benefits and disadvantages but you will be sure to have the same experience overall. The Director, Dinga Bakaba once again made comment on this translated from the following source:

“We wanted to have this element of chaos that was not the player in the huge gear of the game. You know, in a stealth game, normally the player is the chaotic element and the rest is part of machinery like a clock. So at first, we posed [the assassin Julianna] as an NPC, and then we concluded that it would be more interesting if the villain of the game, the main antagonist, could be handled by another player. So, when you play for the campaign, in some areas it may be Julianna, and it may be an AI or it may be another player.

She is one of the objectives, and she is a little bit more unpredictable than the rest of the targets. So even if you play offline you will also receive that at a high level. She is less predictable than the rest, and will surprise you when she uses the same skills that the… Yes, she surely uses many of the skills a player would use in handling Julianna. So, overall, [the experience] is the same, it’s the same idea in practice. Of course, the range of unpredictability and the strategies I employ will not be as wild as what a player would bring, but their role will be the same in the game.” (Quote edited for clarity)

Given that not everyone has access to a stable internet connection, or having no internet at all, this will be a grateful sight for many to see and know that they will get to play through one of this year’s most anticipated games.

The Reception of Deathloop So Far

The reviews are pouring in for the title and it is faring extremely nicely with high review scores across the majority of the board. Will you be wanting to experience this entrancing story and break the time loop? Make your daring entrance now…

Deathloop is available now on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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