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Deathloop How to Open Gated Doors – Get Past Security System Lockdown

Disable security using the hacking tool.

by William Schwartz


Opening doors in Deathloop is easy, but sometimes you’re going to run into some that aren’t.  A combination of security systems that gated doors will stand in your way when trying to progress.  These security systems can be a pain, but there is a way around it.  In this guide we’ll explain how to open gated doors in Deathloop and get past those pesky security systems which lock down the area.

How to Open Gated Security Doors in Deathloop


There’s usually two parts to the security system in Deathloop.  There’s the motion detector, which will lock down the area and then there’s the security door.  Both of these items require that you hack them with the Hackamajig item to turn them off.  When trying to open a gated door in Deathloop you simply need to look to the top of the door frame where you will see an antenna that can be hacked.  Use the Hackamajig tool on this Antenna and the door will open.


If you want to end the lockdown after being spotted you can simply hack the security cameras with your Hackmajig.  Alternatively you can also shoot these as well.  And that’s everything you need to know about opening security doors and bypassing security in Deathloop.  This method is similar to the one used in disabling security turrets as well.

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