Can You Sse the Logitech G29 / Logitech G923 on Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox X|S, or Xbox One?

Got a new wheel for Christmas and want to use it with other consoles? Find out how to here!

by Shaun Cichacki

With a large selection of racing titles available on the market, gamers may be eager to get their hands on an excellent steering wheel to jump into the fun. Logitech makes some of the best gaming accessories on the market, and their wheels are no different, allowing gamers to experience their favorite titles in a new light.

However, they can also be expensive. Coming in at around $300 a piece, the Logitech G29 and G923 are both quality wheels with a bit of a downfall: single-system usage. While they may be compatible with PC, Xbox and Nintendo gamers may be left in the dust. However, is there any way players can use their fancy new wheels with all of their systems, instead of buying more wheels? Let’s find out.

How To Use Logitech G29/G923 On All Systems


Gamers hoping to jump into the fun, regardless of their console, may finally have a solution. The Brook Ras1ution 2 is a converter that will allow gamers the chance to jump onto their preferred console of choice with their wheel of choice. This means players that have the PlayStation version of the Logitech G923 can use this converter to plug into an Xbox or Nintendo Switch and play their favorite racing games.

One thing that makes this converter unique is the small LCD that gives gamers the chance to tweak their settings to their liking, including the amount of force feedback that the wheel gives, as well as the sensitivity and rotation range for their wheel of choice. This will also work with more wheels than the Logitech G29 or G923, including:

  • T300 RS GT
  • Fanatec CSL Elite
  • Thrustmaster-TMX
  • Thrustmaster TS-XW
  • Logitech G27

Gamers interested in seeing how this converter works can see it in action, thanks to a helpful video published by GeekStreet on YouTube:

No matter if you are a fan of simulation racers like Gran Turismo 7, or want to get lost in the jungle while playing Forza Horizon 5, players can use this converter to jump onto their console of choice and play their racing franchise of choice. Even fans of Mario Kart can jump in on the fun, as this is stated to work with Nintendo Switch titles. While the $120 price point may be a bit hard to swallow, it comes in at under half the price of a new wheel and saves quite a bit of room in the process.

- This article was updated on December 29th, 2022

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