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Warhammer: Vermintide 2: Chaos Wastes Known Issues

Mods are currently causing problems, so you'll want to run the game without them for now.

by Brandon Adams


Chaos Wastes is the latest expansion for Warhammer: Vermintide 2, and there are a few known issues players should be aware of. The majority are tied to mod support in Vermintide 2, so if players are using mods to augment their game they’ll want to disable them until the mod authors update their mods and render them compatible with the Chaos Wastes expansion. Other known issues with Chaos Wastes include Windows 7 users being unable to launch Vermintide 2, and the selected difficulty not properly applying for gamepad users. Here are all the known issues in Vermintide 2: Chaos Wastes.

Vermintide 2: Chaos Wastes Known Issues

Known Issues in Chaos Wastes

  • Selected difficulty does not apply correctly in the wastes if using a Gamepad.
  • ‘SURVIVOR: NURGLE’ Okri’s Challenge is being automatically awarded on login.

Known Crashes (TO BE HOTFIXED!)

  • Windows 7 users are unable to launch. :(
  • [Script Error]: foundation/scripts/util/error.lua:22: No persistent stat found for arguments “completed_levels, journey_ruin
    • Occurs when attempting to matchmake; may not necessarily produce a crash report.
  • [Script Error]: scripts/network_lookup/network_lookup.lua:2333: [NetworkLookup.lua] Table difficulties does not contain key: nil
    • Occurs when attempting to matchmake; may not necessarily produce a crash report.

Known Issues (MODS)

  • Armory – Crashes when selecting Kruber or his new weapon.
  • Needii – Missing functionality with the new potions.
  • Crosshair Kill Confirmation – Might cause issues booting the game (unable to reproduce).
  • Info Dump for Streaming – Does not work and causes performance degradation.
  • Item Filter – Throws a localization error when looking at deeds.
  • Loadout Manager – Throws errors when opening the player list (tab) menu. Bot loadouts do not work in the wastes.
  • Mission Timer – Does not work in the wastes.
  • Player List Plus – Throws errors when opening the player list (tab) menu. Does not work (or works inconsistently) in the Wastes.
  • Removed Hanged Corpses – New hanging units are visible in the Chaos Wastes locations.
  • Third Person Equipment – Causing big performance degradation due to errors.
  • UI Tweaks – Causes some issues in the HUD:
    • Removes keybinds from the HUD.
    • Green outline timer of priority buffs is always full.
    • Locations of some HUD components have moved w/ regards to live game, including but possibly not limited to: Player Portrait, Health Bar, Ability Bar, Cooldown Timer, Inventory Items & Ammo Count.
    • Can cause crashes if the Show Ammo Using Heat Bar option is enabled.
  • Vermintide Mod Framework – Sliders/dropdowns are not visible but still clickable. Being in the Mod Options when changing maps can crash the game.
  • Weapon Kill Counter – Kills are not consistently added to the counter in the wastes.
  • Countries in Lobby Browser – Can cause crashes.
  • Scoreboard Tweaks – Crashes when the host has it installed but the client doesn’t.

Fatshark should hotfix the crashes soon, but those out there running Vermintide 2 with mods will want to disable them for the time being. Once the mods have been updated to support Chaos Wastes the known issues above should no longer apply. If you simply can’t play Vermintide 2 without mods you may want to hold off on Chaos Wastes for now, unless you can live with the known issues listed above.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5 (and on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility). Chaos Wastes is available now on PC, with the console release soon to follow. For more information regarding these known issues, visit the official Warhammer: Vermintide 2 support site.

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