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Chivalry 2 – How to Change Skins

Add a little personality to your soldiers and weapons.

by Brandon Adams


In Chivalry 2 you can change your weapon skins, and technically your own skin as well. While the game doesn’t feature character skins in the traditional sense, Chivalry 2 does allow players to customize their appearance as they see fit. If you’re looking for weapon skins then you’ll find them in the same location as the other customization options.

Change your skins and appearance in Chivalry 2 within the Customization menu.

You can alter your appearance and change your weapon skins within the Customization menu located in the “Armoury” tab that’s at the top of the Chivalry 2 main page. Look to the right of “Play” and next to “Settings” to locate it. After you’ve opened the Armoury select “Customization” to enter the full Customization menu.

It’s here that you can alter the appearance of each primary class for all three factions. That means you can customize up to 12 different characters, so it helps to pick a different face skin for a few of them in Chivalry 2. Or not: you can technically make a bunch of clones if you want. Within the Customization menu there are five primary tabs to choose from, and a few options within each of those. These tabs and options are:

  • Head
    • Head
      • Head Type (Skins)
      • Eye Colour
    • Hair
      • Hair
      • Beard
    • Personality
      • Nickname
      • Voice
    • Details
      • Face Paint
      • Imperfections
  • Helmet
    • Choose between No Helmet and three different sets per class.
      • Faction choice does change some of the sets you can choose from.
  • Armour Set
    • Choose an available armor set to wear.
      • Faction choice does change some of the sets you can choose from.
  • Heraldry
    • Choose the pattern and icons on your armor.
      • Faction choice does change some of the Heraldry you can choose from.
  • Weapons
    • Alter the weapon skins available to each of your chosen class’s weapons.
      • Faction choice does change some of the Shield skins you can choose from.

There’s a decent selection of weapon skins in Chivalry 2, and like all the other cosmetic options they will cost you Gold or Crowns to unlock. You can use either currency, but keep in mind you have to pay real money for Crowns, while Gold is earned from playing and completing matches in Chivalry 2. So, whether you are trying to change your weapon skins or your character’s literal skin you’ll need to either open your wallet or dump some time into the game.

Chivalry 2 is available now on PC (Epic), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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