COD Warzone DOOM Bundle: Release Date, Weapons, and Price

Everything to know about the COD Warzone DOOM Bundle.

by Christian Bognar , Noah Nelson
COD Warzone DOOM Bundle information
Image: Activision

Call of Duty has had its fair share of crossovers over the years, and with the introduction of Season 6, there are some really impressive ones like Doom. Fans of the demon-slaying game will love this crossover as it brings new weapons and cosmetic options. Here is everything you need to know regarding the Doom Bundle, including the release date, price, and weapons.

COD Warzone DOOM Bundle Release Date

The COD Wazone Doom Bundle has an official release date of October 9, 2023. This means that, from the time of writing, players will only have to wait just under two weeks to get their hands on the bundle. This information comes directly from the official Call of Duty Blod website.

The Doom shotgun and chainsaw included in the bundle can only be unlocked if you purchase the bundle. So, yes, sadly, it does cost money to acquire the Doom gear instead of it being unlockable via in-game challenges.

COD Warzone DOOM Bundle Price

At the time of writing, it’s undetermined what the price of the COD Warzone Doom Bundle will be. That said, if we look at previous bundles the developers have put out, we can expect the price of Doom to be around 2400 COD Points. This amount of COD Points is equivalent to $19.99.

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COD Warzone DOOM Shotgun and Chainsaw Leaks

The COD Doom shotgun and chainsaw have already been leaked and they look really incredible. Ignore the weird camos in the video, but notice how the Doom weapons have that low frame rate feel of classic Doom.

Personally, I think the Doom weapons alone make the COD Doom bundle worth it, but what do you think?

Everything Included in the COD Warzone DOOM Bundle

There’s a lot that comes with the COD Doom Bundle. According to the Call of Duty website, players can expect to fully deck out in DOOM gear when the bundle officially goes live on October 9, 2023.

Also, the official Call of Duty blog said that the Doom chainsaw isn’t a new melee weapon in the game but instead “a variant of the pickaxe.” It’ll have unique aesthetics and animations, but the damage profile of the chainsaw is identical to the pickaxe.

Below is a compiled list of everything included in the COD Doom Bundle:

  • Pro-Tuned “Super Shotgun” featuring Vintage Tracers and Pixel Spray Death Effect.
  • Chainsaw Melee Blueprint featuring Pixel Spray Death Effect.
  • Doomguy Gunscreen.
  • Doom Weapon Charm
  • Cacodemon Sticker
  • Slayer Sticker
  • Doom Loading Screen
  • Gibs Emblem
  • Healthy Mug Emblem
  • Animated Lost Soul Emblem
  • Animated POV Emblem

As a DOOM fan, I cannot wait to add the demon-slaying gear to my Call of Duty game. Activision plans to stay true to the DOOM series, as they mention on the COD Blog that the Super Shotgun and Chainsaw are reminiscent of the classic Doom graphics.

- This article was updated on September 28th, 2023

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