COD Warzone Faction Showdown Event: Task Force 141 vs Shadow Company Rewards and Differences

Should you choose Task Force 141 or Shadow Company during the Faction Showdown event? The choices are yours and yours alone!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Activision

Are you wondering what the Task Force 141 and Shadow Company rewards and differences are so you know which faction to choose during the COD Warzone Faction Showdown event? The Shadow Faction Showdown event runs from August 4 to August 16. During this time, you will be tasked with challenges based on your chosen faction, making your choice extremely important. If you complete these challenges, and your chosen faction wins, you will be handsomely rewarded with notable loot for your Operator.

Should You Choose Task Force 141 or Shadow Company for the COD Warzone Faction Showdown Event?

Image: Activision

You should choose either Task Force 141 or Shadow Company based on a specific faction’s challenges because the challenges for each faction will be different. The Task 141 faction challenges will focus primarily on Battle Rifles, Finishing Moves, and Melee Weapons. The Shadow Company faction challenges Lethal Equipment, Launchers, and SMGs. It’s essential to choose a faction that aligns with your preferred challenges. Completing all five challenges for your chosen faction before the event ends is necessary to qualify for additional rewards should your faction win the event.

All Task Force 141 Challenges and Rewards

Here are all Task Force 141 challenges and rewards:

  • Get 50 Operator Kills: Emblem
  • Get 10 Longshot Operator kills with Battle Rifles: Loading Screen
  • Get 40 ADS Operator kills with Assault Rifles: Vehicle Skin
  • Get three Operator Kills with Melee Weapons: Charm
  • Execute a Finishing Move: Battle Pass Tier Skip
  • Complete all Five Faction Challenges: Weapon Blueprint

All Shadow Company Challenges and Rewards

Here are all Shadow Company challenges and rewards:

  • Get 50 Operator Kills: Loading Screen
  • Get 15 Operator kills while Focused with Sniper Rifles: Large Decal
  • Get 15 Operator kills from behind with SMGs: Vehicle Skin
  • Get 10 Operator Kills with Launchers: Charm
  • Get five Operator Kills with Lethal Equipment: Battle Pass Tier Skip
  • Complete all Five Faction Challenges: Weapon Blueprint

In addition, you can change factions at any time, meaning you can obtain rewards for one faction and then swap to the faction that you want Operator Skin or Weapon Camouflage for the overall faction victory.

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When the Faction Showdown Event ends, every player that chooses the winning faction will receive the following rewards:

  • Horangi or Soap Operator Skin
  • Universal Weapon Camouflage
  • One Hour Double Battle Pass XP Token

Please ensure you have completed all five faction challenges for the faction you chose to end the event with. Doing so is necessary to be qualified for the final victory rewards in the COD Warzone Faction Showdown Event.

- This article was updated on August 2nd, 2023

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