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Control Foundation DLC – All Side Quest Locations – A Strong Foundation Guide

Extend your playtime with optional missions.

by Diego Perez


Control’s first DLC, The Foundation, can be completed in just a few hours, but there are a few side missions that can lengthen your playtime. Like the base game, The Foundation’s side missions range from secret boss fights to collectible hunts, each more interesting than the last. There are three major side quests in The Foundation DLC, providing more scenarios involving altered items and other typical Control goodness. Completing every main story mission and side mission nets you the A Strong Foundation trophy. This is where to find every side quest in The Foundation.

All Side Quest Locations in Control’s The Foundation DLC

  • Pope’s Collection – Speak to Emily Pope in the Crossroads area of the Foundation after finding one of the ID cards in the Warehouse. She appears in the Crossroads after completing the first ritual in the main story. Check out our guide to find the locations of all five ID cards.
  • Jesse Faden Starring in “Swift Platform” – From the Collapsed Department, you’ll need to head to Transit Access. If you haven’t discovered it already, it’ll be the “???” on your map nearby. After removing the film camera during the main story, head into the Evaluation Hall and Levitate up to the walkway. From there, Levitate over to the control room above and smash the glass to enter. Take the stairs in the corner and you’ll come across an elevator that leads to this awesome side quest.
  • Found Footage – Go to the Cave System Control Point and use the Shape ability to pull a crystal out of the wall to reach the nearby walkway up above. At the walkway, head left toward the Chasm. Destroy the crystals near the power core and head into the abyss to start the mission. Mind the drop.

Completing all three of these side quests, as well as The Foundation’s main story, will earn you the A Strong Foundation trophy.

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