Coral Island Harvest Festival Guide | What Do You Need to Bring?

Get your farmer pants on and compete!

by Alex Huebner
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Through your time on Starlet Town, you’ll grow relationships with the townspeople and get invited to the local events. This is your guide to the Harvest Festival in Coral Island, the first Fall festival.

Prepare for Competition

On the 5th day of Fall you’ll be invited to the Harvest Festival through a letter in your mailbox. It says to bring your best item for six categories.

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Flowers
  • Coop products
  • Barn products
  • Artisan products

You’ll want to try to bring osmium quality items, as they are worth the most coins. This is one of the two ways your items earn points. The other is a diversity bonus, meaning you changed up what you had to offer by submitting different kinds of items.

It is possible to improve your chances of an osmium quality crop by choosing the Quality Crop skill as you level up in farming. It gives you a 10% chance that your items will be of a higher quality. Visiting the lab and improving your seeds with kelp essence will also give your crops a boost.

Kelp essence is made in an Extractor with bronze or silver kelp and glass. To improve to Level 1 you will need Bronze Kelp Essence and 2,000 coins, while Level 2 is Silver Kelp Essence and 6,000 coins. This will automatically improve all of your seeds currently planted, and to be planted including your seed inventory.

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What to Bring to the Harvest Festival

Although the phrasing of the letter makes it seem like you have to bring one item from each category, you can bring multiple from the same, and even bring the same exact item. However, you’ll want to be careful as this impacts your Diversity Bonus.

To improve your chances of getting higher points, try to submit items that sell for over 400 coins as these will be worth 25 points if they are osmium quality. Currently there is no vegetable that meets this price point. Whatever you submit, don’t forget you can go back and put the items back in your inventory after the contest is over. I found it could be very easy to end the event and forget all my high priced items.

In the first year your rival can earn up to 96 points. In the second year, it increases to as much as 130. The third year he will consistently earn 148 points from that contest onward. You should aim for your products to try and hit above these points for a guaranteed win. Some of the higher earning items include Melon, Pineapple, White Truffles or Truffle Oil if you can, Large Quail Eggs, Wine, and Honey.

Access the Harvest Festival

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The festival takes place on the 15th day south of the lake in the Northeast section of the map from 19:00 to 22:00. From the stairs up to the altars, go South and through the archway, there will be a sign there you can interact with to begin the festival. Once you do, there will be a cutscene to show you the different areas you can explore for the festival.

Rewards for Display Crops

To the east of the tree next to the big cow is where you submit your competition items. There is an empy display rack that you can interact with. Select submit crops and enter your items. Regardless of whether or not you win against your competitor, you do earn prizes for participating based on total points.

  • Less than 75 points – Flower Bouquet
  • 75-110 – Mooncake
  • 110-140 – Graven Giants Ring
  • 140-160+ – Stamina Fruit

Other Harvest Festival Activities

In addition to the competition, there are some fun games to try out as well. In the grass run to the west of the large grassy area and south of the lake, there is Smashing Pumpkins, a game, not the 90s rock band. The goal is to get as many pumpkins as possible within the time limit and try to keep your multiplier up for additional points.

Don’t hit the rotten pumpkins and lookout for large and golden pumpkins for extra points. To the south of the large tree by the light up cow there’s a tub of apples where you can do Apple Bobbing. There are five spots you can rotate between and you’ll want to pick up the full, normal looking apples. There are poison skull-face apples and apple cores that will reduce your points when picked up. Large orange tinted apples are worth five points, green are worth three, and small red ones are worth two.

- This article was updated on November 17th, 2023

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