Coral Island Mythical Dream Quest Guide

Was it a fever dream or something magical?

by Alex Huebner
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During a peaceful rest in the early days of Coral Island, you have a bizarre dream, and just like that your Mythical Dream Quest begins. Here’s what it means and how to complete it.

How to Start Mythical Dream

Mythical Dream is a quest that comes to you automatically once you go to sleep after day 7 in the Spring of the very first year. A fuzzy light appears in the middle of your screen and begins making sounds. Eventually, the image and the sounds become more clear and a voice is talking to you. It says to visit one of the Sacred Trees in Starlet Town and displays the trees you could visit. Then you awaken and the quest begins.

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Completing the Quest

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When you wake up, you can go to any of the Sacred Trees. These trees have a different appearance than the rest as they are large with twisted-looking branches, a rope around the trunk, and a glowing tablet in front of them. When you get to one of the trees, interact with the tablet and a creature will pop out.

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This is the Chieftain, who runs away and cannot be found, leaving you with just question marks as a next step. Don’t fret, go about your day and rest, as it will make more sense in the next day.

The next morning you’ll find a letter in your mailbox telling you to come to their home and sparkly flower petals will appear. Follow the trail and they will lead you to the Chieftain, west of your farm, through the forest, and across a log over the river.

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If you’re like me you may have noticed before Mythical Dream that there are stone lantern-like structures around town with writing you cannot read. You discover here that they are fast travel waypoints. The Chieftan also tells you that you have an important duty to help heal the Goddess, and thereby Coral Island, of a sickness. He then performs a ritual that gives you the Third Eye.

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This ability allows you to read the Language of Old that is written on these lanterns and other stone structures around the island. With this ability, you are directly led into the Lake Temple and you can begin healing the island.

- This article was updated on November 17th, 2023

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