Crash Team Rumble: How to Claim Deluxe Edition Bonuses

This guide will cover how you can claim the Deluxe Edition bonuses for Crash Team Rumble.

by Christian Bognar
Crash Team Rumble Deluxe Edition Bonuses
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Crash Team Rumble is attracting tons of attention due to its fun and addicting multiplayer action! If you are one of the die-hard Crash Bandicoot fans who purchased the Deluxe Edition, you’re undoubtedly excited about the bonuses that come with it. The Deluxe Edition brings various rewards, including more unlocks for the Battle Pass, unique cosmetics, and even great-sounding in-game music. But, you may wonder how to claim these bonuses once inside the game. Here is how to claim the Deluxe Edition bonuses in Crash Team Rumble.

Where to Claim the Deluxe Edition Bonuses for Crash Team Rumble

Players must select to start a match in the game to claim the Deluxe Edition bonuses for Crash Team Rumble. When starting a match, you will be asked to choose a character to play, and then you can scroll over to either hat, emotes, skin, backpack, or score effect. Under these tabs are where all the Deluxe Edition pre-order bonuses will appear, and you can equip them for them to appear during the match.

Besides the cosmetics side of the bonuses for the Deluxe Edition, players will also get access to a premium Battle Pass for Seasons 1 and 2. These will appear under the Battle Pass section and can be unlocked as you continue playing the game and completing activities associated with the Battle Pass.

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Everything Included in the Deluxe Edition of Crash Team Rumble

If you are curious about everything included in the Deluxe Edition of Crash Team Rumble — you can find the complete list of bonuses below.

  • A copy of Crash Team Rumble
  • Premium Battle Pass Unlock for Season 1
  • Premium Battle Pass Unlock for Season 2
  • 8 ‘Blocky’ Hero Skins
  • ‘Pixelated’ Shadow
  • ‘Get on My Level’ In-Game Victory Music
  • ‘Blocky’ Hat
  • ‘Blocky’ Backpack
  • ‘Blocky’ Score FX
  • Unique Banner
  • 25 Tier Instant Unlock for Season 1 Premium Battle Pass

If you have yet to purchase Crash Team Rumble and are considering getting the Deluxe version, know that the game runs cheaper than your average game. The standard version costs $29.99, while the Deluxe version costs $39.99.

- This article was updated on June 21st, 2023

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