Cult of the Lamb: Which Fleece Should You Unlock First?

Which is the best fleece of the flock?

by Noah Nelson
The Best Fleece in Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb is a game with a lot of customization, but the only one you can make for your own character is different Fleece. There are six different Fleece in this game. Each one looks different and, more importantly, applies different active effects for your Crusades. Here are the best Fleece in Cult of the Lamb and which one you should unlock first.

All Fleece in Cult of the Lamb

As mentioned previously, there are 6 Fleece to choose from in Cult of the Lamb. And everybody knows that a cult leader is only as good as his choice of Fleece. No, the purple Fleece won’t increase the faith of your followers or anything, but each Fleece does have its own color aesthetic and charm. Here are all of the Fleece in Cult of the Lamb:

  • Fleece of the Lamb – Provides no bonuses.
  • Golden Fleece – Damage dealt increases after each kill, but resets when hit. Take double damage.
  • Fleece of the Glass Cannon – Curses deal double damage and cost half the Fervour, but melee weapon damage and health are halved.
  • Fleece of the Diseased Heart – Gain a diseased heart every time a tarot card is drawn, but 100% of items will be lost if killed.
  • Fleece of the Fates – Draw 4 tarot cards at the start of a run, but none can be drawn after.
  • Fleece of the Fragile Fortitude – All hearts will be replaced by 1.5x the amount of blue hearts.


While each Fleece has its own bonus, they also each come with a specific risk. In our opinion, the Fleece you should unlock first in Cult of the Lamb is Fleece of Fragile Fortitude or Fleece of the Fates. Since it is already hard to find hearts that will heal you in Crusades, Fleece of Fragile Fortitude will give you more hearts and even more as gain more red hearts.

Another solid starter Fleece is Fleece of the Fates. Especially if you are running through the Cursed Lands for the first time and attempting to open the door to the boss, Fleece of the Fates is great since you’ll automatically have four tarot card bonuses to help you through the run.

Once you know how you play and what bonuses and risks you want during Crusades, you can try some of the other riskier Fleeces. To us, the risks outweigh the bonuses for the Golden Fleece, Fleece of the Glass Cannon, and Fleece of the Diseased Heart.

How to Unlock Fleece in Cult of the Lamb

Knowing about the various Fleece in Cult of the Lamb is one thing, but unlocking them all is another. To quickly unlock more Fleece in Cult of the Lamb, you’ll need to complete side quests. In each overworld location, there will be NPC friends that will give you pieces of a Holy Talismen, which is what is required to unlock Fleece.

You need 4 pieces of Holy Talismen to create a complete set. The side quests range from getting crystals for the Lighthouse to sacrificing your followers to be turned into gold. However you do it, Holy Talismen are your only way to unlocking all of the Fleece in Cult of the Lamb.

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Cult of the Lamb is available on August 11, 2022, on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, macOS, and PC.