Dauntless How to Sprint

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Sprinting in Dauntless is somewhat unique because of the button that the action is tied to.  While many games tie this to pressing in the analog stick, Dauntless does things a little bit differently so you might not find it right away.

Sprinting in Dauntless is done with the RT/R2 trigger button on controllers.  Using sprint in Dauntless will allow you to get where you’re going very quickly and time is of the essence whether you’re out on a Patrol Mission or a Pursuit Mission.

Use the Right Trigger to Sprint

Another thing to keep in mind when sprinting (and this is the same when it comes to dodging in Dauntless) is your stamina meter.  Whether you’re attacking enemies, dodging, or running you are using your stamina.  So if the Right Trigger button isn’t working or allowing you to run, it very well may be that you don’t have enough stamina and you’ll need to rest for a bit before you can actually sprint again.

Sprinting can come in handy when trying to chase down a Behemoth that’s gotten away or when you’re looking for the monsters and are short on time.  Just be mindful of your stamina at all times and you should be able to sprint whenever you want.  This includes while in Ramsgate.  While there, you won’t need to manage stamina so you can sprint from area to area making your time in town a little shorter.

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