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Days Gone – How to Change Character Skins

Say hello to a fresh face


Days Gone has received numerous updates on PlayStation 4, the content of which has transitioned to the new PC release. Among the content drops is the added ability to play as various other characters from the campaign. Deacon St. John isn’t the only efficient zombie-killing machine roaming the post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest, after all.

Although swapping out Deacon for a fresh face would allow for some freeroam fun, the character skins in-game cannot be used in the main campaign. Instead, swapping character models is a feature relegated to a separate mode.

Here’s how you can refresh that third-person view.

How to Change Character Skins in Days Gone

Character skins can be changed in the Challenges mode. Found as its own selection on the main menu, the Challenges mode is a collection of 12 testing scenarios. Once a specific challenge has been selected, the follow-up screen will allow for the player to equip several different character skins prior to starting the challenge.

The following skins can be swapped out for Deacon St. John’s default appearance:

  • Boozer
  • Rikki
  • Iron Mike
  • NERO Soldier
  • Sarah
  • Addy
  • Carlos
  • Taylor
  • Flashback Deacon
  • Colonel Garret
  • Alkai
  • Shirtless Deacon

All character skins must be purchased with credits, which are not shared from the main game. Earnings in the Challenges mode are tied to a separate wallet. Additionally, every character requires the acquisition of a specific Rep Level, with the exception of Boozer and Rikki. Chip away at the demanding trials on offer and the whole cast will be ready to fight Freaks in no time.

Days Gone is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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