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Days Gone – Should You Bring the Drug Stash to Tucker or Copeland?

Boost Deacon's bike or firearms


Fairly early into the lengthy Days Gone journey, Deacon will be presented with a decision regarding a drug stash. In the mission “Price on Your Head,” Deacon must choose the final delivery destination for Leon’s drug stash. The goods can either go to Tucker or Copeland, as noted by the onscreen prompt.

Mark Copeland is the first camp leader met in the campaign. He runs Copeland’s Camp in the Cascades region. Ada Tucker is met not long before this mission. She heads the Hot Springs Encampment in the Belknap region.

Although the decision presented seems to imply having narrative weight, we can assure you that the choice does not affect the overall story. Deacon won’t suddenly find himself pushed down a specific path due to his ruling on the drug stash. Still, there are short-term benefits to consider.

Should You Bring the Drug Stash to Tucker or Copeland?

While there are no major impacts on the Days Gone narrative, the delivery of the drug stash can assist Deacon’s early adventures. Giving the drug stash to Tucker boosts her trust level up, granting access to the first set of previously locked weaponry. Copeland offers a similar boost, but the benefit is additional upgrades for Deacon’s bike via Manny the mechanic.

The promise of better firearms is sure to be tempting, especially if you have spent time exploring and encountered a Freaker horde or ambush camps. But that would be a short-sighted investment, as more weapons become available at different camps later on.

Traveling features more prominently in the game and it can become rather tedious on the back-and-forth trips in the beginning before fast travel points are unlocked. Getting bike upgrades as soon as possible smooths out this aspect of the game, especially since it’s a core component of the experience.

With that in mind, our suggestion is to hand over the drug stash to Copeland. If you have been turning in Bounties (i.e., Freaker Ears), animal meat, and so on, the trust level with Copeland’s Camp has likely been rising steadily. The added boost of the drug stash will further push Deacon towards the loftier bike upgrades. The upgraded version of the motorcycle is definitely a transformative experience compared to the sluggish and stiff piece of transportation ridden after the intro.

Of course, the choice is yours. If packing heavier heat is more important, by all means side with Tucker. The decision diminishes in value as more hours are invested and trust levels rise across the board.

Days Gone is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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