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Days Gone – What are Patches and How to Get Them

These Patches also improve the game


Days Gone is no stranger to patches, but we aren’t talking about the same type of patches that steadily updated the game since its original PS4 release. Instead, we’re talking about Patches, the stat-boosting and game-modifying equipment tucked away in a mode that has more to offer than swappable character skins.

As stated, Patches alter several aspects of the game, ranging from increased bullet penetration to reduced Focus cost. Patches can be found under Challenges, although their use is not restricted to the mode. They can certainly help players gain a greater edge against the waves of Freakers and other hostile forces tucked within Oregon’s vibrant yet dreary apocalypse.

Here’s how to obtain the passive buffs.

How to Get Patches

Patches are earned in the Challenges mode, but their effects extend to the main campaign. Meeting the unlock requirements for a given Patch will automatically enable it for both modes. No extra work is required from the player.

However, Patches come in three tiers depending on if their associated challenge was completed with a bronze, silver, or gold rating. For example, the Endure Patch offers up a reduction in stamina cost. Receiving a bronze rating in the Surrounded challenge will unlock the Patch’s base form at 7% reduction, whereas obtaining a silver rating in the same challenge will result in a 16% reduction.

The following Patches can be unlocked in the Challenges mode. Unlock them all and venture back out more formidable than before.

Patch Description Challenge
Endure Stamina costs less Surrounded
Medicate Health items are more effective Survive
Gas Guzzler Your bike refuels faster Drifter’s Run
Condemned Bullets penetrate through more enemies Ambush Camp Rush
Steady Your focus decreases slower Keep Them Safer
Hit and Run Your bike slows down less when running over enemies Dead Don’t Ride
Stopwatch Focus generates faster Infested
Knucklebreaker Melee weapon durability increased Outride
Indestructible Your bike takes less damage from jumps and water Reload
In Sight Increases gun accuracy on the bike from a further distance Hog Wild
Undying Increases your health Dead Before Daylight
Unstoppable Stamina regenerates faster Black Friday

Days Gone is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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