Dead by Daylight Nicolas Cage: Release Date, Perks, and Leaks

Damn right, I made it! Here's the Dead by Daylight Nicolas Cage release date, perks, and leaks.

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Fans of Nicholas Cage once again have something to smile about. Nearly a month after the surprise announcement that he would join the fray as a survivor in Dead by Daylight, the man responsible for some of the most delightfully hammy performances to ever grace the silver screen is finally playable. Wondering what this entails and what surprises are in store? Read on for a complete rundown of the Dead by Daylight Nicolas Cage DLC.

What is the Dead by Daylight Nicolas Cage Release Date?

Image: Behaviour Interactive

Currently, Nicolas Cage can only be played in Dead by Daylight’s Public Test Build, or PTB. However, Nicolas Cage will fully integrate into the main game on July 25, 2023.

You can play Nicolas Cage on the Dead by Daylight PTB by following the below steps:

  1. Open your Steam Library
  2. Right-click on Dead by Daylight and click Properties
  3. Navigate to Beta
  4. Select Public Tests using the dropdown menu
  5. Restart Steam and Launch Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Nicolas Cage Perks

Image: Behaviour Interactive

Nicolas Cage is legendary for the over-the-top energy he puts into every role he touches, and his Perks reflect his background as an actor. Here is a rundown of Nicolas Cage’s Perks in Dead by Daylight.

  • Dramaturgy – Dramaturgy can be activated whenever Cage is healthy, and it allows him to run while crouching for 0.5 seconds and gives him a 25% haste boost that lasts two seconds. Once both effects have worn off, he gains one of the following effects.
    • Exposed for 12 seconds;
    • Gain 25% Haste for 2 seconds;
    • Scream, but nothing happens;
    • Gain a random rare item in hand with random add-ons and drop any held item.
  • Scene Partner – Scene Partner can be used whenever Cage is within a Killer’s Terror Radius. If you scream, you’ll be able to see the Killer’s aura, letting you know precisely where the Killer is for three-to-five seconds. After it has been used, Scene Partner will go into a sixty-second cooldown.
  • Plot Twist – Plot Twist can be used whenever Cage is injured. With the push of the Ability button, Cage will enter the dying state. when Cage enters the dying state with Plot Twist, he will not leave behind a blood trail, move silently, and can Recover at any time. If you Recover using Plot Twist, you will gain a 50% Haste boost for three-to-four seconds.

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Nicolas Cage Visits Summer Fest 2023

Image: Summer Game Fest 2023

According to Nicolas Cage, he finds Dead by Daylight to be a captivating showcase of the horror genre’s beloved slashers, essentially functioning as a museum of horror. He also expressed his fondness for acting in horror films, stating that he is drawn to them. Cage cited Sadako’s presence in Dead by Daylight as a major reason why he decided to be a part of the franchise.

What are our expectations for Nicolas Cage, the survivor? According to him, he portrays an amplified and exaggerated version of himself, which may seem repetitive, but in a positive manner. In Dead by Daylight, Cage travels to a filming location but unexpectedly ends up in a misty environment where his journey as a survivor unfolds.

Nic Cage expressed his enthusiasm for his new project, Dead by Daylight, as it marks his first foray into the world of video games. This exciting opportunity will more than likely lead to more opportunities for Cage to expand his portfolio and take on new projects within the gaming industry.

- This article was updated on July 5th, 2023

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