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Death Stranding: How to Change Lockne’s Mind

To go forward, you have to go back.

by Kyle Hanson


Death Stranding may be about delivering packages, but the point of all that cargo delivery is changing people’s minds. Your job is to make people believe in themselves and others once again. The usual result is a new connection to the Chiral Network, and possibly a new member in the United Cities of America. Later in the game though, near the end of Chapter 5, you need to change one very specific mind. Here’s how to change Lockne’s mind in Death Stranding.

How to Change Lockne’s Mind

This mission comes up when you make your way to Mountain Knot City. Nestled in the mountains far from most other cities, it’s one of the tougher locations to get to. And once you’re there you are not very welcome. Lockne runs the place and has no interest in your mission. But you need her help and it turns out you may know someone who can change her mind. The game doesn’t explain this though, but it does give you some hints.

Lockne is Mama’s sister, and now you need to bring them back together. The answer is to go back to Mama’s Lab far to the east. Of course, if Mountain Knot City would just link to the Chiral Network you could fast travel there, but they won’t. There are faster routes than just walking over the mountains, but that may be your preferred method once you hear the alternatives. Instead you can head the closest connected city, which is likely the Distribution Center you left from for this journey and fast travel that way.

However you do it, to change Lockne’s mind you need to get to Mama. I won’t spoil the story sequences that follow, but they are some of the most impactful in all of Death Stranding. Follow along with what Mama tells you and you’ll know what to do next. Just be prepared for some very long journeys for this mission. But while it will be hard, at least you now know how to change Lockne’s mind in Death Stranding.

- This article was updated on:November 14th, 2019

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