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Death Stranding: How to Fast Travel Using Fragile

Get there fast, just without your items.

by Kyle Hanson


At its core, Death Stranding is all about travel. In his journey to put America back together following a catastrophic event that has weakened or removed the wall between the world of the living and the dead, he will do a whole lot of traveling. At the beginning of the game this is just walking, with Same having to maintain his balance while traversing massive stretches of land. Later on you get some vehicles, which help ease the stress and frustration, but are still not optimal given the vast expanses you’ll be crossing. Thankfully though, there is a fast travel system, but it’s uses are pretty specific, so let’s break down how to fast travel using Fragile in Death Stranding.

How to Fast Travel

First, the bad news. If you’re reading this wondering how to fast travel then you likely haven’t unlocked the ability just yet. Fragile begins helping Same with his work of putting America back together and connecting everyone to the Chiral Network through Episode 3. Once you complete enough main story missions, signified by a golden strand on the Take Orders option of the Safe House menu, you’ll chat with Fragile and she will explain that she can use her teleporting ability to help you in your travels. Once you have this conversation you’ll have the ability to fast travel from any Safe House to any other connected Safe House, so let’s explain how.

Once you have this option available to you all you need to do to use it is head to a Safe House and rest in the Private Room. From there you’ll see Fragile’s umbrella in the corner. Look at it and hit Square to initiate. Fragile will pop in and ask where you want to go. Keep in mind, you can’t bring cargo or other items with you. Everything you are carrying will be tossed into the Private Locker at your current location. Of course, it’s pretty easy to make new items, so you should be alright as long as it’s not too important to you.

Once you choose your destination you’ll fast travel to that Private Room. Exit and you’ll be good to go. And that’s how to fast travel using Fragile in Death Stranding.

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