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Death Stranding: How and Where to Get Vehicles

Tired of walking? There's a fix for that.

by Kyle Hanson


The first few hours of Death Stranding can be a bit of a slog. As Sam Porter Bridges, you climb mountains, brave the Timefall, and escape BT’s all with nothing but your legs and a hefty backpack full of cargo. But later on there will be vehicles and they make life much easier. Getting around is still a challenge, but it’s one you can manage with fewer dropped items and busted boots. But where are these things? Here’s how and where to get vehicles in Death Stranding.

How and Where to Get Vehicles

First off, if you just started the game you can’t get vehicles just yet. You’ll have a slight introduction to vehicles around Episode 2 when Sam ventures further west and outside of the Capital. A Distribution Center there has a bike out front, but it’s battery is dead. You can find out how to recharge it here. Once you do that sort of acts as your first unlock of vehicles, though you can stumble across them at different points and in different ways, depending on how you play.

From that point in the story going forward you can pretty regularly find vehicles in the same places. Either a garage in a Safe House that is connected to the Chiral Network or out in the wild. MULE camps are home to many trucks you can hijack if you need to. These specific vehicles allow you to carry a lot more items than you would be able to otherwise. And by parking them near terminals you can often offload and rearrange the cargo without having to handle it directly.

You’ll also be able to create your own vehicles, the Reverse Trike is the most common. Coming in both regular and long range form, this futuristic motorcycle will be your best bet if there isn’t too much rough terrain on your journey. Once an area is connected to the Chiral Network these should be pretty readily available, either in garages or scattered around the world. Of course, if they haven’t been protected they will be damaged, so check out how to repair vehicles.

But this should give you an idea of how and where to get vehicles in Death Stranding.

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