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Death Stranding: How to Recharge Batteries

Keep those vehicle and leg batteries charged

by Kyle Hanson


In Death Stranding, just like how Sam runs out of energy if he works too hard, electronic items of all sorts run out of energy when their batteries die. And when they die it can be quite inconvenient, especially if you don’t know a way to recharge. There’s a few options though, so let’s break them all down by explaining how to recharge batteries in Death Stranding.

How to Recharge Batteries

The fastest and easiest way to recharge batteries in Death Stranding is to visit a generator. These somewhat tall towers push out electricity for anything within a short range nearby. To use, build, or find one you need to be in an area that’s on the Chiral Network. If this is a new area of the map and you haven’t yet connected it then that should be your first goal. Once it’s back on you should see generators that other players have built that you can use, or you can build one yourself.

Once there’s a generator nearby all you need to do is park or stand within its radius to soak up the sweet electricity. These things charge fast, so it shouldn’t take too long. Watch the meter in the bottom left to determine when you can head back out into the wilds. Be sure you’ve charged up everything though, including any leg attachments you have on. If there isn’t a generator nearby, many items are solar powered, though they will take a long time to charge. You can always rest or take a nap for awhile to give them time.

You do have one more option for how to recharge batteries in Death Stranding, though it’s one that requires you to be near a Safe House. Whether it’s a Knot City or Distribution Center, or a fellow player’s constructed Safe House, you can use these places of refuge to also charge up any vehicles or battery operated devices on you. Simply rest in the Private Room, making sure to park an appropriately sized vehicle on the opening to the Safe House itself. This will put the vehicle in the garage where it will charge automatically. Once you leave it should deploy with you, but check the garage if not and it should be there.

And that’s the two main ways you can recharge batteries in Death Stranding.

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