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Death Stranding: How to Restore Stamina

Take a nap or a drink

by Kyle Hanson


There’s a lot of things you have to manage in your time with Death Stranding. Sam has to keep his balance and weight in check. He has to maintain his blood or health levels. But more important than all of those may be his stamina. This stat slowly dwindles away both in terms of how much is available and how much will recharge while resting. It’s a slightly complicated system, so let’s discuss how to restore stamina in Death Stranding.

How to Restore Stamina

As I said, there’s two things to consider in regards to stamina in Death Stranding. Let’s start with the simplest. If you’ve been running around, climbing mountains and fighting against MULEs or other threats, Sam will likely be pretty exhausted. Expending any energy will drop your currently available stamina, but recovering it is pretty easy. You just need to take a break or a drink.

If you’re out in the wild you have two main options, no matter where you are. Holding Circle will let Sam catch his breath, or even take a nap if the area is calm and flat. Press Square to massage your shoulders or stretch your legs to increase the speed at which you restore your stamina. Fully taking a nap will help as well, so just take some time and let it refill. Alternatively, for a quicker way to restore stamina you can drink some of Sam’s Monster Energy Drink out of his flask. Hold left on the D-Pad and press X to drink it. This should refill your stamina all the way to its upper limit, which might be blocked by an area of white on the meter. This represents lost stamina that can’t be restored without a full rest at your Private Room.

Which is the other factor to keep in mind as you explore the world of Death Stranding. As this white area grows it will be harder and harder to accomplish tasks as you’ll burn through your rapidly dwindling pool of stamina. To get it it all back just head to any Safe House you can and go to the Private Room. This will not only heal you but also fully restore your stamina so you can get back out delivering packages again.

And that’s what you need to know about how to restore stamina in Death Stranding.

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