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Deathloop – How to Equip Trinkets, Where to Get Them & What They Do

Everything you need to know about Trinkets

by William Schwartz


In Deathloop Trinkets allow you to customize your experience.  These items are supernatural artifacts that essentially apply perks to your weapons.  Trinkets can be found in the game world, but must be equipped.  In this guide we’ll explain how to equip trinkets in Deathloop, what they do and where to find them.

How to Equip Trinkets in Deathloop


Trinkets can be equipped in between missions in Deathloop by heading to the Loadout Screen.  Once in the Loadout you will see a diamond shaped area towards the left of the screen which has four slots.  These are your character trinkets.  To add a weapon trinket simply hover over the weapon you would like to add a trinket to and follow the prompts on the tool-tip.  For PlayStation you press triangle and a new screen will pop up that shows the weapon and available trinket slots.

Where to Get Trinkets?

Trinkets can be found hidden around Blackreef or they can be taken off on enemies.  The more powerful the enemy or more hidden the trinket the more powerful it will be.

What do Trinkets do?

There are numerous types of trinkets.  There are character trinkets and weapon trinkets.

  • Weapon Trinkets – include being able to do things like increase the magazine size of a weapon, increase damage, or range, or things like recoil.
  • Character Trinkets – allow you to do things like double jump, increase health, move faster, etc.

Like weapons, there are also multiple tiers of trinkets:  Grey, Blue, and Purple Trinkets.

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