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Deathloop How to Keep Weapons – Infusion & Gear Sacrifice Guide

Sometimes you have to give to get.

Keeping weapons in Deathloop isn’t like other games.  There is a gameplay mechanic designed around finding and keeping the weapons that you want.  This system is called Infusing and you’ll need to get familiar with it if you want to keep your weapons in Deathloop.  This guide will explain how to keep your weapon by infusing them in Deathloop.

How to Keep Weapons in Deathloop

The first thing you need to know about keeping your weapons in Deathloop is that you’re going to need to make a good way into the game before you even have the opportunity to keep your weapons.  There is a mission that is built around teaching you the system.  If you’ve already gotten to that mission and you still need help, then read on, as we’ll explain what you need to do to keep your weapons going forward.

Assuming you have the ability to keep weapons, you’re going to need to take any weapons that you find on a mission back to the safe room with you.  This means after a mission you will head to a mission and then see the after-action screen.  This will then bring up a planning screen which will let you access your loadout.

Infusion Screen


From this screen you can see the loadout section.  Access this menu which will show you All of the weapons and trinkets, slabs and gear that you have equipped.

From there select the weapon that you would like to keep and then follow the prompts to “Infuse”.  Infusing means that it’s yours to keep.  Infusing does cost a currency that you can collect in the game called Residuum.  If you’re not familiar with what this is, it’s found in the glowing items that are all over the game world.

How to Sacrifice Gear

If you don’t have any of this Residuum you can sacrifice other gear to get some.   This is done on the same screen as Infusing gear/weapons.

As you can see in the menu screen above, sacrifice is also an option.  If you would rather sacrifice the gear, or weapon you can do so by following the prompt.  Doing so will give you Residuum that you can either bank for an item that you will later Infuse or you can use immediately on an weapon that you want to keep.

And that’s everything you need to know about keeping weapons in Deathloop.  Simply use the Infusion system in the game to keep weapons.  Make sure you’re constantly picking up Residuum to make these Infusions, but if you don’t have enough to keep a weapon that you really want, you can do so by Sacrificing other weapons or gear to get it.

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