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Deathloop: How to Sabotage Frank’s Fireworks

A Cause For Celebration

Each and every one of Deathloop’s targets has extravagant ways of being dealt with. From dropping Aleksis Dorsey into a meat grinder to suffocating Harriet Morse in her own poisonous gas. Plenty of options stand out, in this case, “Ramblin Frank” Spicer and his soon-to-be-fatal love of fireworks are some of the most memorable. An ex-mobster turned wannabe rockstar, Frank is head of security for Blackreef. As far as crossing him off your list goes, some thorough plans have to be put into motion first.

Going Out With A Bang

In Karls Bay, Frank owns a lockup down the side of aircraft hangar 2 located at the back area of the landscape, the building where another target, Harriet, is located. Heading here in the morning is best, but on approach, Colt realizes a code is required to gain entry. A note left by Otto, an owner of a workshop in Updaam, confirms this. Unfortunately, that same workshop is destined to burn down each afternoon.


Visiting Otto’s workshop with knowledge of the code requirement, the fire can be prevented. Once you arrive, dodging various Eternalists in the area, there is quite a lot of commotion being caused inside the building by a large machine. Following the bright electric cables on the ground from indoors, destroying each generator connected to it shall prevent the mechanical explosion and the inevitable fire.

Further on, returning to the workshop at noon shall give you the option of reading Otto’s minicom computer and in turn, learning the code to unlock Franks firework lockup in Karls Bay. After making a note of the numbers required and heading towards the fireworks stash, upon access, Colt is given four options of sabotage. The correct choice is discovered in Frank’s safe room after listening to a record player, however, this is not required to be learned to progress, simply guessing would also be successful.


Selecting ‘Tamper With Rain Flaps” progresses the lead further, other options, if chosen, will cause the fireworks to explode. Once the tampering is complete, you are free to progress wherever you choose to. As for Frank, each night at the same time as Aleksis Dorsey’s party, he will launch his explosive friends in celebration. Learning Otto’s code previously means all you shall have to do is tamper the fireworks each one of Colt’s loops and the explosion will kill him every evening in Blackreef, with no further finger lifting required.

Deathloop is currently available on PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows

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