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Deathloop Ending Guide: How to Get All Three Endings

Break the loop, but at what cost?

There are three different endings in Deathloop, but the game doesn’t make it clear how to unlock each ending. There isn’t a binary, black and white choice at the end of Deathloop, but the ending of Colt and Julianna’s story will change based on your actions in the final level. Taking out all the Visionaries doesn’t affect anything though, so feel free to get rid of them any way you see fit. Here’s how to get all the endings in Deathloop. There are huge spoilers below, obviously.

How to Get All Three Endings in Deathloop

There are three endings in Deathloop, and each of them is listed below.

  • Break the Loop
  • Remain in the Loop
  • Remain in the Loop with Julianna

All three endings will still let you play after the credits roll, so don’t worry about losing your progress or gear.


Deathloop Ending #1 – Break the Loop

To achieve this ending, all you have to do is shoot Julianna. When you equip the antique pistol, you can press R2 to fire the gun at any time. You don’t even have to wait for her to count to three.

After shooting Julianna, the only thing left to do is eliminate the ninth and final Visionary: yourself. Jump off the platform to your death and you’ll wake up on the beach one last time. An angry Julianna will shove her gun in your face before walking away. The loop is seemingly broken, but Colt’s fate is left up in the air.


Deathloop Ending #2 – Remain in the Loop

To achieve this ending, shoot Julianna but do not jump to your death. Instead, sit in the chair to choose to remain in the loop. The day will loop yet again, and Colt will continue his hunt for the Visionaries.

Deathloop Ending #3 – Remain in the Loop with Julianna

To get this ending, do not shoot Julianna. When she counts to three, she won’t shoot you either. Instead, she and Colt will remain in the loop but not as enemies. Colt will wake up on the beach the next morning, but Julianna will be there with him. They live out their days in the loop together (for the time being), enjoying themselves and taking advantage of the daily reset. There’s even a bit of post-credits dialogue between the two.


Because of the extra post-credits dialogue, this seems to be the true ending of Deathloop. Regardless of which ending you choose though, you can continue to play around on Blackreef Island and hunt the Visionaries as much as you like. You can also jump into multiplayer mode and play as Julianna if you want.

Deathloop is available now on PC and PlayStation 5.

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