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Destiny 2 – Corridors of Time Quest Guide (Solved)

Destiny's latest quest has the community perplexed.

by Diego Perez


The Corridors of Time have been mystifying the community since they appeared in Destiny after the past weekly reset. The puzzle might not be fully solved as of yet, but the Destiny community has put in a lot of work to document how to navigate the Corridors and claim some of their rewards such as lore entries and a secret emblem. This guide will walk you through acquiring the quest and making your way through some of the Corridors’ paths.

How to Start the Corridors of Time Quest in Destiny 2


To start the quest, you’ll need to talk to Osiris on Mercury and pick up the Exploring the Corridors of Time quest. After speaking with him, walk over to the Sundial’s terminal and activate it to transport yourself to the Corridors of Time. This is where things start to get complicated, but thankfully, most of the work has already been done by the community for this part.

How to Navigate the Corridors of Time


The Corridors of Time are a maze with a Timelost Vault at the end. The reward you receive after successfully making your way through the Corridors depends on the route you take. Originally, the solutions to this part of the puzzle periodically appeared on the Season of Dawn Obelisks spread throughout the solar system, but now each path through the Corridors has been well documented.

Once you make it to the Timelost Vault, you’ll see a “???” prompt. If you interact with it, you’ll be rewarded with 1 of 19 lore entries for The Pigeon and the Phoenix lore book depending on the path you took. There’s also an emblem called Savior of the Past that you can get if you follow a different path. Each path is laid out below, although you’ll have to familiarize yourself with the symbols that mark each of the Corridors of Time’s entrances first.


Below are the 19 paths through the Corridors of Time that will reward you with all 19 of The Pigeon and the Phoenix lore entries as well as the path for the Savior of the Past emblem. Use the gallery above as a key to determine what each symbol is called. Once you successfully complete a route, use the black pillar outside of the entrance to reset the Corridors. You can also walk through a door marked with the “Reset” symbol for the same effect if you mess up a sequence.

Path #1

Plus, Snake, Clover, Hexagon, Snake, Plus, Diamond

Path #2

Clover, Clover, Hexagon, Hexagon, Plus, Diamond, Snake

Path #3

Plus, Clover, Diamond, Diamond, Snake, Diamond, Diamond

Path #4

Diamond, Clover, Plus, Hexagon, Clover, Hexagon, Clover

Path #5

Diamond, Plus, Snake, Hexagon, Hexagon, Diamond, Plus

Path #6

Diamond, Hexagon, Snake, Hexagon, Clover, Clover, Plus

Path #7

Diamond, Plus, Clover, Hexagon, Snake, Hexagon, Snake

Path #8

Clover, Plus, Clover, Hexagon, Clover, Diamond, Snake

Path #9

Clover, Clover, Clover, Snake, Diamond, Hexagon, Diamond

Path #10

Plus, Hexagon, Clover, Hexagon, Plus, Diamond, Hexagon

Path #11

Snake, Hexagon, Snake, Hexagon, Diamond, Hexagon, Snake

Path #12

Hexagon, Snake, Plus, Hexagon, Snake, Hexagon, Plus

Path #13

Clover, Plus, Clover, Diamond, Snake, Snake, Hexagon

Path #14

Hexagon, Diamond, Snake, Plus, Hexagon, Plus, Plus

Path #15

Clover, Hexagon, Plus, Diamond, Plus, Snake, Diamond

Path #16

Snake, Hexagon, Hexagon, Hexagon, Plus, Diamond, Diamond

Path #17

Clover, Diamond, Hexagon, Clover, Plus, Diamond, Plus

Path #18

Diamond, Plus, Plus, Clover, Snake, Plus, Diamond, Plus

Path #19

Hexagon, Plus, Plus, Diamond, Hexagon, Snake, Snake

Savior of the Past Emblem Path

Diamond, Clover, Snake, Plus, Hexagon, Hexagon, Plus, Hexagon, Diamond, Clover, Snake

The Final Run

After several laborious days, the community has finally solved the Corridors of Time puzzle and mapped out the final path. Following this path earns you a Chromatic Weapon Core, which plays a part in a quest that lets you earn the Bastion Exotic Fusion Rifle. This path is a bit longer than the others, but the reward is well worth the trouble.

Clover, Diamond, Snake, Clover, Plus, Plus, Hexagon, Hexagon, Hexagon, Plus, Diamond, Plus, Snake, Diamond, Clover, Snake, Plus, Plus, Snake, Snake, Hexagon, Diamond, Clover, Plus, Diamond, Hexagon, Hexagon, Diamond, Plus, Diamond

Once you snag the Chromatic Weapon Core, your next goal is going to be earning Bastion.

- This article was updated on:January 23rd, 2020

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