Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow How to Get Through the Second and Final Encounter


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In the Second Encounter and Final Encounter of the Crown of Sorrow in Destiny 2, you and your team will be subject to possibly the most difficult and annoying aspect of the Raid’s sequence. Dubbed Gahlrans Deception, you’ll need to overcome another endurance round of extreme measures to head onto the next area, and this time it includes more of those Ogres you’ve come to love and the big nasty Gahlran. Here we’ll explain how to get through the Second Encounter and the Final Encounter.

The Witches Blessing Returns.

To begin the process, someone needs to walk up to the enemy in the bubble and hit him. Have no more than three people stand in the glowing circle on the floor to once again receive the Witches Blessing like in the previous room.  The Buff works exactly the same as before, where you need to destroy an elevated circle in the middle of the room to keep the buff going before it runs out. Now immediately divide the Fireteam into three separate groups (teams of two) and head to three different platforms around the room. An Ogre will spawn at each platform, and when one does spawn, the respective team at the platform needs to let the others know.

Kill the Shielded Ogres!

These Ogres will have shields that make them immune to all damage unless you throw an orb at them, just like the Blind Well playthrough. The orb will be given to a random player, which is why you need to communicate where the Ogre is when it arrives. Players can throw the orb to other teammates, which will reduce the amount of time needed to get to the Ogre. If you do not take down the Ogres in a timely manner, then the Boss of the Raid, Gahlran, will wipe the team.

Destroy the Crystals….Again!

All while this is happening, those dang Crystals from before also make their unwanted return. Worse yet, their now inside their own protective bubble, meaning you and your team need to get within a close proximity to take them out. Having the Witches Buff beforehand now gives you an advantage in terms of damage for the Crystal, but the real problem is that more than one Crystal will spawn throughout the room, and they will appear by the respective platforms. Whoever has the Witches Blessing should be the one doing damage to the Crystal while their teammate fends off the ads. You’ll need to destroy them as soon as they appear or it will end with a team wipe.

How to Remove Gahlrans Deception.

Now we come to the focus of the encounter, Gahlrans Deception himself. He takes no outside damage whatsoever while he is inside his bubble, so you need to go to him first. You can physically go inside his protective bubble and damage his deception little by little, but keep in mind that he can melee you for some massive damage while your in there. Don’t worry though, the shield doesn’t take much before it disintegrates.

Once his shield is gone go for broke and shoot him. Gahlran himself will appear and his hand will turn green, everyone should immediately start shooting at that as well. Doing this will make Gahlran slam his huge ax to the ground and will also destroy his Deception in the process. A good way to ensure this happens is for a Titan to bring up a cover shield so that way everyone can attack and have some defense at the same time.

Final Encounter: How to Take Down Gahlran: The Sorrow-Bearer

Now that hes out in the open, Gahlran can take some damage. Both of his hands will now turn green and everyone should once again shoot them. When the hands are out, his head will turn green as well. Now shoot him in the face. If you can’t kill him in the first go, Gahlran will bring back his Deception and you’ll have to do the long process of removing it all over again. He’ll also teleport around the room each time. Don’t forget that you’ll have to be on your respective platforms dealing with the Ogres, Crystals and ads while you try and take out Gahlran, which can turn into a nightmare real quick.

Keep up the communication with your team while each sequence starts up as you get the Buff, kill the Ogres by passing the orbs, destroy the Crystals when they spawn, and shoot him in his nasty face. You and the team need to hit his face three times before he finally goes down, ending the most horrifying Raid in the game.

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