Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow How to Platform Jump Safely to Gahlran

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Once you’ve finished the First Encounter, you and your team will find themselves in a long winding hallway before stopping in front of yet another Witches Blessing circle. From here on out it’s more of the Crystal shooting, except this time you’ll have to traverse across an empty void along disappearing platforms. Here we’ll explain how to make it to the final boss Gahlran.

The Crystals have Bubbles Now. 

Have the entire team enter the circle to activate the Blessing which will then trigger a Crystal to appear. You’ll notice that they have a clear like bubble around them now which means you’ll need to get in real close to do any damage. Once you destroy it, two more spawn right above the void with no bubble. Shoot them like normal, and then get ready for the real test.

Platform Jumping.

Right away, some floating platforms will show up alongside Crystals with bubbles around them. Start boosting your way to them and destroying them. Things will begin to get hectic as numerous platforms start to rise up with Crystals on them, bubbles or not. Keep in coordination with your team and send out only those who have the Blessing to destroy the Crystals.

Speaking of which, don’t forget that the Blessing has a timer on it, and if you don’t reach an elevated circle in one minute, those players will die, and will more than likely necessitate a team wipe. This isn’t made any easier due to the fact that you are jumping upward from a lower area, as the platforms get bigger and higher each time. Just keep your focus on the timing of your jumps, as well as the appearing Crystals. This may take a few tries, but once you get it down, you’ll make it to the top and into the final rooms where Gahlran awaits.


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