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Destiny 2 Forsaken: How to Get the ‘Numbers of Power’ Emblem

All it takes is a fistful of bullets.

by Jacob Bukacek


It’s come to light that guardians can actually make wishes in Forsaken’s Last Wish raid. Unfortunately, most of them are tied directly to the raid itself, so there’s no wishing for exotic drops or extra Silver. However, enterprising guardians can get themselves a brand new emblem if they want. All it takes is getting themselves to the Wishing Wall and plugging a few well-placed shots into it.

Getting to the Wishing Wall

Before one can make a wish, they’ll need to find their way over to the Wishing Wall. Fortunately, this can be done before any of the raid’s encounters, so guardians do this on their own. Upon entering the raid, look to the left of the large wall of Taken energy; a small opening should present itself once the voice stops speaking. Enter it, and proceed forward until presented with a fork in the path. Take the left fork and follow the grassy platforms along and up the path until you reach a chasm with another grassy outcropping on the other side. Leap across, look up and proceed through the archway into the room containing the Wishing Wall.

Making The Wish

Upon arrival at the wall, guardians will see a series of orbs implanted in it and a brightly lit pad on the floor. Making a wish requires shooting these orbs in a very specific pattern and then stepping on the pad to activate it. Shoot the orbs until they match the image below. Also, make sure to stay off the pad while shooting the pattern into the wall, as it might accidentally activate before the pattern is finished and require one to restart.


Once everything is looking good, just step on the pad and the “Numbers of Power” Emblem will be all yours! Now all that’s left to do is to decide whether or not to help your friends get it too!

(Credit for the image and discovery belongs to the Raid Secrets subreddit.)

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