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Destiny 2 Forsaken: How To Turn Tangled Shore Public Events Heroic

Heroic rewards can't be gained without the doing of heroic deeds.

by Jacob Bukacek


Destiny 2: Forsaken does quite a bit to make every activity count towards a guardian’s everlasting quest for more power. Many will agree that Lost Sectors and Public Events are great sources of loot in the beginning of the climb to a 500 power rating, but lost their usefulness once the soft cap is reached. This might be true of lost sectors and normal public events, but heroic public events are absolutely still worth pursuing as a source for exotic engrams. The difference between a normal public event isn’t much in terms of gameplay, but huge when it comes to potential rewards. All it takes is knowing how to trigger the transformation, and the events on the Tangled Shore are probably the easiest. One just needs a small measure of patience and plenty of ammo.

Prison of Elders Cryo-Pods

Triggering the heroic version of these public events is actually very straight forward. After the wanted boss enemy climbs out of the cryo-pod, players need to start buying time. Clear out the endless waves of minor enemies to keep from being overwhelmed, but only take occasional pot shots at the boss. After about a minute or so, the cryo-pod will start to issue mist from vents located on either side, pour some shots into these to get them to spit out two cryo-orbs. Once they do, pick up the orbs and throw them at the boss. Repeat this until the boss is frozen to trigger the heroic version of the event. Once triggered, players will have a limited amount of time to defend the boss while its being prepped for capture. Stay in the circle surrounding the boss and make sure not to kill it in order to succeed.

The biggest risk of failure here will come from new guardians who don’t know what’s going on, so try to get them on the same page and avoid the boss’ death.

Ether Ritual Event

This is the event centered around a broken servitor and several Scorned Chieftains trying to conduct a ritual with it. Killing a chieftain will release a bubble of ether that will start making its way to the broken servitor in the center of the event. Shoot and destroy this blob before it can reach the servitor and then do the same for the following two chieftains. Doing this will trigger the heroic version of the event and summon an even more powerful Scorn enemy. Defeat it using all means at your disposal and heroic rewards will soon follow.

There’s no risk of newcomers ruining it, but this event can still get out of control if one isn’t careful. If acting alone, position yourself near the central broken servitor in order to ensure that the ether bubbles won’t be missed. If part of a team, have one guardian dedicate themselves to destroying the ether bubbles while the rest focus on defeating the chieftains. Either way, getting that all important chance at an exotic shouldn’t prove too difficult a challenge overall. 

Destiny 2: Forsaken is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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