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Destiny 2 – How to Complete Master of Disguise Triumph, Get Braytech Werewolf

Purchase all five masks from Eva to complete the Triumph

by William Schwartz


If you want to unlock the Braytech Auto Rifle one of the requirements is that you complete the Master of Disguise Triumph.  This triumph requires that you purchase masks from Eva Levante, and this in itself requires that you get a lot of Chocolate Strange Coins.  In this guide we’ll explain what you need to do to get the Master of Disguise Triumph complete so you can purchase the Braytech Werewolf Legendary Auto Rifle.

To complete the Master of Disguise Triumph you need to acquire all Festival of the Lost 2019 masks from Eva.  There are five masks in total and you can see their requirements by visiting Eva in the Tower.  These masks are only available during the Festival of the Lost event, so you’ll need to start collecting these Chocolate Strange Coins as soon as possible.

Festival of the Lost 2019 Masks

  • Hidden Swarm Mask – 10 Chocolate Strange Coins
  • Goblin Mask – 20 Chocolate Strange Coins
  • Mithrax Mask – 30 Chocolate Strange Coins
  • Opulent Calus Mask – 40 Chocolate Strange Coins
  • Drifter Mask – 50 Chocolate Strange Coins

You’re going to need 150 Chocolate Strange Coins to get the triumph completed.  Once you have the Master of Disguise Triumph you will then be able to purchase the Braytech Werewolf Auto Rifle with 1000 Candy.

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