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Destiny 2 – How to Get Chocolate Strange Coins

Head to the Haunted Forest for the most coins

by William Schwartz


The Festival of the Lost has begun in Destiny 2 and during this limited time Halloween-themed event players will be looking to collect Chocolate Strange Coins.  These Strange Coins will be used to purchase loot from Eva Levante during the event and to get Chocolate Strange Coins you’ll need to participate in a variety of activities.  In this guide we’ll explain the different ways you can collect Chocolate Strange Coins in Destiny 2.

Collect Chocolate Strange Coins in Destiny 2

Eva can be found near the main spawn in the Tower and she has numerous items that you can purchase with Chocolate Strange Coins.  She has a variety of different masks and loot items like the Epic Mystery Grab Bag.  So how do you get the coins to purchase these items?  The first place you want to start is by doing the bounties that Eva has.

Do Bounties to get Chocolate Strange Coins

Eva has a number of bounties that you can do right away.   Each bounty will give you at least one chocolate strange coin.  The bounties have various requirements.  Some will ask you to collect coins, visit the haunted forest, and more.  Simply follow the instructions on the bounty that you get from Eva and make sure to turn the bounty in to get your reward.

Head to the Haunted Forest

The Haunted Forest has numerous ways to earn Chocolate Strange Coins, but you’ll find them mostly in chests.  The chests are hidden in this dark area so make sure to keep an eye out for them when fighting through the different branches of the forest.  They are easy to miss but they’ll give you a few coins each time you find one.

Completing Other Activities While Wearing Mask

If you want to keep earning Chocolate Strange Coins while playing other activities you can do that, but you have to keep your mask on.

How to Get Chocolate Strange Coins

  • Do Bounties From Eva
  • Complete Haunted Forest Runs
  • Complete Other Challenges While Wearing Mask
  • Hidden Chests in Haunted Forest

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