Destiny 2 How to Get Runes

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The Season of Opulence has ushered in a new way for Destiny 2 players to get weapons and gear.  The Chalice of Opulence has been introduced, as well as a Rune system that allows players to unlock powerful gear.  The Chalice itself can be upgraded and then slotted with Runes to roll different types of equipment.  Runes are going to need to be earned by completing different activities in the game.  This guide will explain what activities to focus on to get different types of Runes in Destiny 2.

Get more Runes from activities by upgrading your chalice

Runes come in different colors.  There are purple, red, green, and blue runes.  Each type of Rune will be dropped in various activities and it all depends on which upgrades your Chalice has.  To get Red Runes to drop you’ll need to have the Rune Compatibility I upgrade.  For Green Runes you’ll need Rune Compatibility II and for Blue Runes you’ll need Rune Compatibility III.  You can upgrade the Chalice of Opulence in the Pursuits menu.  Each of these upgrades costs an increasing amount of Imperials currency.

Getting Runes for the Chalice is going to come down to a couple of things.  The first is that you are doing the right activities.  These consists of things like Weekly Bounties from Werner 99-40, Nightfall Strikes, Vanguard Strikes, Treasure Hunts, Opening chests in Nessus Barge and Menagerie,  as well as Gambit matches and Crucible matches.

Werner 99-40 also sells a Runefinder Buff that will increase your chances of finding Chalice Runes in strikes, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches.  This buff costs 1500 Glimmer and 10 Legendary Shards to purchase from Werner 99-40 and will apply to all allied guardians in the activity in earning additional runes.

Unlock Chalice Slots and Upgrade Rune Bonus Perks to get More Runes

Using these buffs is not the only way to find more Runes in Destiny 2 to slot into the Chalice.  There are also a few other upgrades that can be made to the Chalice that will reward you with more runes.  The Rune Bonus upgrades for the Chalice will each give you Rune Bonuses.  Rune Bonus I (2500 Imperials) will give you an additional run from Werner 99-40 bounties and when using the aforementioned Runefinder buff.  Rune Bonus II (3500 Imperials) will allow you to get Rune Refund after looting the final chest in the Menagerie.  Rune Bonus III (6000 Imperials) will give you a chance to get an additional reward in the Menagerie Chest.

Finally, there’s one more upgrade that you can do to get even more runes with each Treasure Hunt that you complete.  The third Chalice unlock slot for Masterworks will allow you to get more runes rewarded to you each time you complete the treasure hunt activities that unlock after completing Werner 99-40 Bounties.

Simply try to do the activities above, upgrade your chalice, and then utilize the buffs to increase your chance of getting additional Runes to get as many as possible.  Make the Chalice Ruin Compatibility upgrades I, II, and III to get Runes of Red, Green, and Blue.  Unlock all three slots on the chalice itself and then you should be pretty much maxed out every time you complete a new activity in Season of Opulence.

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