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Destiny 2 How to Get Imperials

You have to spend money to make money.

by William Schwartz


Imperials are a new currency in Destiny 2 that are used to upgrade your Chalice.  With this Season of Destiny 2 being all about customizing your chalice to get the types of loot that you want, it’s important to upgrade the Chalice with said Imperials so that you can continually make improvements to this important item.  In this guide we’ll explain what activities you can do to get Imperials quickly in Destiny 2.

Imperials can be earned through a bunch of different activities, but you’ll need to have progressed through the Invitation quest line to actually get the Chalice of Opulence before you begin on your quest for Imperials.  Completing this quest in its entirety you will get a nice starting amount of Imperials which will allow you to make a couple upgrades to the Chalice.  Once this quest is over though, you’ll be on your own to earn them.

Get Bounties from Werner 99-40

You can get bounties from Werner 99-40 to get Imperials.  Each bounty will reward you with a different number of Imperials and these are weekly bounties that costs glimmer to purchase.  The rewards from these bounties are two-fold with other items like Gear and Runes alongside the Imperials upon completion.  Simply head to Werner 99-40 on the Barge in Nessus to purchase these bounties for 500 Glimmer a piece.  The bounties will have you doing things like killing enemies with specific weapons, earning a certain level of experience, completing other faction bounties, or finding engrams.  These will seemingly rotate out during the season as there are bounties listed in the Triumphs section that aren’t available yet.

Complete Treasure Hunts

After you’ve completed a bounty for Werner you’ll get a reward but you’ll also get a treasure map.  These treasure maps actually have more Imperials than the bounty itself.  Make sure you hunt down the treasures to get a nice purse of Imperials for your troubles.  There are treasures located in Alton Dynamo, Spine Burrows, Well of Flames, and others.

Complete Triumphs for Imperial Rewards


Completing certain minor triumphs will reward you with Imperials.  Here’s a list of some of the activities that you can do to work towards your rewards. Any activities within the Triumphs > Destinations > Minor > Menagerie section will reward you Imperials for completion.

  • A Taste of Power – Unlock any Chalice Slot
  • Purchase Makes Perfect – Unlock any upgrade for the Chalice
  • Drink Deep – Unlock every Chalice Slot
  • Prized Fighter – Defeat Arunak, Beloved by Calus
  • Sweet and Shy – Defeat Pagouri, Beloved by Calus
  • Flair for Drama – Defeat Hasapiko, Beloved by Calus
  • Sightseeing – Complete encounters within the Menagerie (50)
  • Golden Experience – Complete the Golden Experience Bounty from Werner 99-40
  • Benevolence – Complete the Benevolence Bounty from Werner 99-40
  • Imperial Bestiary – Complete Imperial Bestiary Bounty from Werner 99-40

Upgrade your Chalice with Power and Efficiency to earn more Imperials


One of the Chalice upgrades for Power and Efficiency will allow you to earn Imperials in them.  This Chalice upgrade costs 3000 Imperials and it sounds like it’s worth it if you pair this upgrade with the Wealth of the Emperor buff.

Use Wealth of the Emperor Consumable to boost this Chalice Upgrade

Werner 99-40 will sell you the Wealth of the Emperor Buff which will significantly increase the chance of earning Imperials from activities like Strikes, Gambit, and the Crucible.  This item will greatly increase the chance of earning Imperials while playing in the Menagerie.  The good part about this is that the buff stays active until you have actually earned Imperials.  This item costs 1500 Glimmer and 10 Legendary Shards and can be purchased from Werner 99-40 on the Barge in Nessus.

- This article was updated on:June 5th, 2019

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